Acorn Squizzash & Applez


I was reading up on making baby food and found some recipes that made me hungry. I decided to try this one out and I love it. I started eating acorn squash/apple mash immediately after workouts last week with some chicken and found that I was a lot less sore (is it in my head?). It was easy to make. Just bake the apples and the squash and put it in the blender. It comes out like baby food, but tastes pretty good. One big squash, or 2 small ones and three apples makes about 5 or 6 servings of the stuff. One day last week I put bison stew meat on it and it was amazing.

Another thing you can do with an acorn squash is to put some coconut oil on it and some brown sugar and eat it right out of the gourd.


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