Bro, I Puke On Leg Day!

I had this conversation with someone and I thought it was funny as hell. I am still laughing. It is pretty much verbatim.

I was talking to this guy at the fitness store near me and I mentioned that I love doing legs. Before I could finalize my thought he jumped in and said…..

“Bro….. I puke on leg day!”

“Really? You puke on leg day huh?”

“Yeah man, I go so hard that by the end I puke!”

“Really? Every time you train legs?”

“Well, not every time, but a lot.”

“Hmmm, well what are you doing wrong?”

“Wrong? I’m not doing anything wrong!”

“Oh sorry, I figured puking isn’t really something you want to do.”

“Well it’s not but it just happens.”

“Hmmm, Well it never happens to me.”

“Bro, that’s cause your not going hard enough! You gotta destroy your legs bro!”

” Oh. Ok. Then I better get with it, thanks.”


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