Simple Workout

There are so many way to train. This is just another suggestion. What is more important is to pick a training program and do it! Follow the program through to the end and write down your workouts.

Monday:  Squat and Overhead Press
Tuesday: Heavy Rows and Pullups
Wednesday: Bench and dips
Thursday: Front Squat and Light Overhead Press
Friday: Deadlifts.  Go fucking nuts
Saturday:  Bench again.

Do whatever rep range suits you.  If you’re weak as a kitten, pretty much anything other than the silly bullshit you’re currently doing (i.e. dithering and not really focusing on lifting) is going to work.  There is no golden rep range, and no magical number of sets.  There is no one volume that will be perfect for every person, nor is there a volume that will be perfect for you every week in a given month.  Frankly, there are more questions than answers when it comes to lifting, and you should be focused on the journey, rather than the destination.  Without question, however, focusing on details is not the way you get strong initially it’s the effort that counts at first.  You might want to just pyramid down on the big stuff (squats, deads, bench, and overhead press) and go 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 (after warming up) and just go close to failure.  Max out when you want.




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