Test Your Test Part 1 of the Testosterone Series

Test your Test

Guys are always trying to up their testosterone levels. Why not, it’s a good idea. Low test levels probably account for at least some of the reason it’s so hard for some men to make lean, muscular gains. But often times they are doing it with all sorts of food and supplements and they don’t even know what their actual testosterone level is.  So the best thing for a guy to do, is go to his doctor and have them draw blood and test your hormone levels first. And while you are there have them check your vitamin D levels too.

Once you know what your actual level is then you can try a few things to increase it. Then go back to your doctor regularly to have your levels reevaluated. That’s the only way you will know if anything is working.

The range for testosterone is between 200 ng/dl – 1800 ng/dl You will see this range printed on your blood report. So if your test level is 200 ng/dl your doc will tell you it is on the low end of the range. But if you go to an endocrinologist they will tell you that it is frightfully low. They say that the median testosterone  levels for a man is 700ng/dl. Anyone with a testosterone level of 700 will be able to build muscle so you are good.

If your test levels are low you can try using supplements.Obviously, you don’t want to turn to anabolic steroids!

D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus, and Ashwagandha

I am not a big fan of all these supplements because there is a lot of hype behind them. I wouldn’t waste your money on more than 3/4 of whats out there but look carefully at the information on D – Aspartic Acid and make an educated decision for yourself. Just remember that a lot of the studies they boast about are sometimes paid for by the company….(conflict of interest).

Try mega dosing D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus, and Ashwagandha.  3g of the former, and 5g each of the latter per day, split into two doses.  They’re all reasonably cheap, and the former and the latter have been shown in clinical studies to increase test levels.  Tribulus has not, but anecdotal evidence seems to support its inclusion in high doses.

I only mention these supplements because of the clinical studies but still remain somewhat skeptical. Again, do your own research and figure it out if this is something that you want to try.

In part 2 of the Testosterone Series I will talk about more supplements and other natural ingredients  you can eat to increase your testosterone levels.


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