Mobility Work

I’ve resistance-trained pretty seriously for 20 years, since I was 19 years old, but flexibility work was something I didn’t even think about until I got older and sustained a few injuries. Even when I did start doing mobility work it was always an after thought when my core training was finished or would just skip it due to time constraints.I always relied on exercise itself to keep me flexible-ish. I worked for the intensity and particular goals. Mobility work isn’t as engaging in the moment, so it’s easier to put aside. But I’m getting more conscientious with age, and am ready to commit more to a mobility program. I hope it will help with my work.

Myofascial release is where you use a foam roller to work your muscles with a massaging action. My hip flexors are super tight lately. Sitting much more lately because of spending time with the baby can’t help.  I frequently press my hip flexors with my hands before/during weight workouts to help them ‘release’  and it usually helps other muscles engage more.

When I dead lift, foam rolling is part of the routine. I roll before,during and after and then every two hours after that right up until bedtime. If I have to go out I have a small foam roller in the car that I can try to use. This helps keep my back and hamstrings from getting too tight which can affect my sleep that night.

You can increase your functional flexibility with mobility work. Static stretching alone won’t do the trick. Many people feel that mobility work and static stretching can be boring and quit trying. But, the less you do the more the hips are getting worse and the harder it will be to squat, sprint with full extension and to dead lift with proper form.  These exercises are impossibe if you have  tight hip flexors, and doing squats and sprinting, themselves, wont be enough to fix the problem. A dedicated line of attack is called for. So, a regular, functional stretching routine  and regular use of the foam-roller should be an action plan to deal with any tightness and so improve other activities.



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