Dimethyl Silicone , Oh So Tasty!


Sorry for the blurry pic but the words you see there is Dimethyl Silicone and that is what is found in olive oil cooking sprays.

PAM Olive Oil ingredient list: Extra virgin olive oil, soy lecithin, dimethyl silicone, propellant

(does not state what type of propellant which probably means it is very dangerous)

As for the dimethyl silicone:

SPN-815 Activated Dimethyl Silicone Emulsion is a water dispersable form of a polydimethylsiloxane and silicone dioxide mixture . The chemically inert nature of this product facilitates its use as a defoamer/ antifoam in Textile, Paint and Varnish, Paper, Food, Beverage, Cosmetics and Chemical processing.

I was going to delve deeper into this and try to find all the details on this chemical and the mysterious propellant but then I realized I have a session in the Hardcore Underground (my home gym in my basement) today and I need to get focused. So I leave the sleuth work up to y’all.

All I can tell you is , it doesn’t sound good to me and it is another example of how sometimes convenience is not worth the health risks. Don’t use these sprays. Well , actually I thought of one really good use for these sprays, for lubing your bikes chain! Silicone is in all the bike lubes because it repels water so why not! PAM is cheaper than bike lube as well. Just remember it won’t last as long on your chain so reapply often.

Instead of using these sprays just buy a manual pump spray bottle for olive oil and spray on your EVOO till your lips are smackin’. For eggs you have to be careful because they can still stick to the pan. It appears that when you pour the eggs on it can push the oil away. So you need to use a very low flame and just cook them slowly.


7 thoughts on “Dimethyl Silicone , Oh So Tasty!

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  2. Dimethyl Silicone… is a chemically INERT substance… that means it doesn’t react to chemicals like stomach acid, or heat. Silicon Dioxide or Silica is made out of Silicon atoms and Oxygen atoms. Silicone is a polymer which sounds bad until you realize that polymer is another way of saying poly molecule which just means really big molecule. Oh, and lecithin is a vital fat necessarily present in the human body. And eggs… and soy beans… and if you don’t like genetically modified food you shouldn’t eat bananas or damn near anything else… ever…

    • What I mean to say is… silicon dioxide has nothing to do with silicone. They are distinct compounds. Secondly, silicone dioxide makes up about 27% of the earth’s crust and is the second most common element on earth and the 7th most common in the universe. It’s used in things like, glass, ceramics, etc… so that pyrex dish? silica. that ceramic bakeware? silica. I suppose you’ll next warn everyone of the dangers of Dihydrogen monoxide.

  3. Yes good point Jack. Here are the dangers of Dihydrogen monoxide; It is heavily polluted and you should find a pure source if possible.
    If you noticed I just pointed out that Dimethyl Silicone is present in these products and then said to the reader for them to do their own research.
    Now…. there is silicone and then there is silicon. We are talking about Dimethyl Silicone and then you somehow are referring to silicone dioxide. So you are all over the place here.
    Silicon is something I wouldn’t worry as much about as silicone . Personally I wouldnt want to consume silicone.
    Interestingly many other websites are saying the same thing I am saying and its hard to find any other info. Wiki happens to have a few dimethyl this and thats to read about but not dimethyl silicon. When I see that it makes me wonder why?? Maybe the industry doesnt wnat us to be educated about Dimethyl Silicone.
    I never said anything about lecithin in my post. First of all what you are talking about is lecithin and whats in the spray is SOY lecithin. Don’t tell me they are the same. The Soy lecithin is a left over byproduct that they get from processing soy protein. It may not be all together very harmful but it is basically leftover shit.
    You also made a point about eating GMO. Yes I try to avoid GMO’s every chance I get. And so do a whole shit load of other people. Why? Because independent studies show that GMO may be harmful to your health.
    Bottom line Jack, Whenever possible we should try to eat as pure and as chemical free as we can. Why eat whatever is in a spray can when you can just pour olive oil or coconut oil into the pan.
    You sound like your a shill for the companies who make this stuff.

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