Progress Pics

My training and diet has never gone better as of recently! I have been taking snap shots to monitor my progress. I don’t train for aesthetic reasons but more for functionality and strength.  But I noticed that these pics from two months ago have a little more stomach fat and less build. So when I compared to this weeks photos I was amazed at how much I regressed after the birth of my daughter.I see My training was not as intense as I look back at my workout notes and my diet was big time off and I certainly was not getting as much sleep and I am sure that I was even feeling a bit stressed at times.

So things have been getting better and my diet has really improved. My training has me hitting some new PR’s on the Dead lift and I had to go out and buy a pair of 90 lb dumbbells because other lifts are going up as well.

Here’s photos from 10 weeks ago.


0712131218 0712131219

Here’s some photos from this week. Abs are coming back. Overall, muscles are filling in .


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