Ways To Avoid Diet Pitfalls. Beware The God Of Hunger.


On my way to a friends I called ahead to see what kind of food they had laying around (I have no shame). Since nothing was adequate I stopped at he grocery store and picked up steak,organic salad and avocado. It took me 10 min. to prepare and my friend was happy too!


Answering the call is when it is time to eat. Sounds a little dramatic but that is how seriously I take my diet. So I am always trying to stay ahead of being hungry by thinking of my next meal before I feel any hunger pangs. Hunger or the feeling of, is a delayed reaction (so is thirst) and if you feel it, then you are falling behind. This is bad if you are always bulking like me or if you are cutting believe it or not.  The god of hunger is merciless and does not care about your muscles only to be satisfied. When ever I get a little hungry I picture my muscle being sacrificed to this greedy god.

The God Of Hunger……Evil

In an emergency rush out the door you can be caught with your pants down. Later you will be eating whatever is nearby and it may not be healthy. So even grabbing a can of kidney beans from your pantry and a piece of cold chicken from your fridge can buy you a little time. Be prepared.

Always ask yourself ” where am I going to be in 2 or 3 hours and will I have access to healthy food ” and if you can’t be sure then pack something in a small cooler bag with an ice pack and haul your food around. Also keep in mind that the grocery store usually has a salad bar and deli counter where you can quickly and easily grab something healthy. If you can not find a grocery store and you are in rush and there is a pizza joint nearby here’s another option instead of the “quick slice” that everyone grabs. Ask if they can make a grilled chicken over salad with balsamic. Many pizza places will have this as a meal. I always have them make double the chicken for me and throw in some extra olives.

What it would look like if you forget to eat.

You just have to be prepared,think ahead and think outside the box a little and you can avoid the diet pitfalls and the dreaded god of hunger that are out to ruin you!



While I was at the store I picked up this grilled chix and chic pea salad just in case. As it turned out 2 hrs went by quickly (I eat every 2-3 hrs) and I was prepared. My friend said he wasn’t hungry and sat this meal out but within an hour he was snacking on cookies.


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