Use The Latest Challenge As Your Springboard To A Life Long Change

When looking to make changes in your life sometime you can use some type of challenge to get you going in the right direction. Challenges like 5K’s , mountain bike races, or weight loss competitions can give you a short term goal to focus on while giving you the tools to carry on long term well after the race or competition is over. Even getting sick can be a springboard to making a big change. For example a person who wants to quit smoking gets sick for a  week or two and during that time they don’t smoke because they feel so crappy. But when they start feeling better they have a head start! They have had time for their bodies to go without nicotine , so they keep it going! Take advantage of these times to effectively make a change in your life.


Sometimes at work or the gym or among friends they will have a biggest loser contest or some other diet / weight loss challenge. Do you ever hear a lot of comments like “I’m so glad it’s over!  Now I can eat _______, again!”  3 months or more of dieting and thats it? Just go back to doing what you have always done? Why??

Hopefully if you have entered a contest like this you learned a lot about what food does and it has changed you at a deeper level than just the temporary requirements of a “challenge” at the gym.  Does it mean you should change your life and nutrition choices so drastically that you NEVER eat sugar, dessert, dairy, grains, etc again.  No.  But carry forward what you have learned and allow this to be a LIFESTYLE change that makes you healthier.  You’re so proud of your results and so relieved at the changes you’ve made to your body and health, make these choices a DAILY change.  There is so much proof that it’s not as hard as you think to eat well; that brussel sprouts and broccoli can be delicious, and green isn’t scary.  What is scary is the heart disease, skin and stomach issues, cancers, and auto-immune diseases that purvey our culture as a result of food choices.

Stay healthy and fuel your hard work with high octane fuel, not that cheap shit you get at the AM/PM gas station!  Even though the Challenge is finished, what about the rest of your life?  Ask questions, get your body composition and blood work re-checked, read and educate yourselves! keep the ball rolling!


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