Unfit To Fit

For all the talk of health and fitness that you find on this forum you have to wonder why I am so gung-ho. Why is health and fitness all the way at the top of my list? Did I grow up in a family of Olympic athletes? Am I sponsored by a protein shake company? Wheres all this energy and focus and drive coming from?

First of all, I have been involved in weight training for over 20 yrs, mountain biking for 25 yrs, snowboarding and skiing for 15 yrs, dirt biking for 25 yrs and various other things like swimming and hiking on and off for 20 yrs or so. The bottom line is , when you exercise for these periods of time you tend to become addicted to it and you get to see the benefits of long-term effects. This always keeps you coming back for more. It also just becomes who you are.

But there are some other reasons why I am so excited to workout and then talk about it and blog about it everyday. These are the deeper reasons I find it so important to allow fitness to wrap itself around my brain like a parasite that I can’t ever get rid of (nasty!).

Back in the good ol days when I was growing up I ate like shit, and smoked and drank and didn’t workout.

As a youth I ate candy and cake and would never finish my home cooked dinner because I would fill up on junk all day. I would run around and play outside but my eating as a kid was horrendous!

As a teenager I started smoking cigs and going to parties and drank. I smoked for 10 yrs until my early 20’s when I decided to quit cold turkey.

I felt small and weak and had zero confidence.

That’s when I joined Jack LaLanne (Now Bally’s) and started working out a little bit. Although I stopped smoking I still drank but not as much.

Basically it wasn’t until I turned 26 or 27 that I actually learned more about diet that I started getting the swing of things.

That’s when I started writing down everything that I ate . A couple of times when I was at work (before the fire department) the boss came by and saw me quickly jotting down my macros from my last meal. He said that I would go far in life if I were to stop wasting my time with what I was doing. This was HIS perspective and HIS opinion. I let him have it and said nothing. From what I hear he is doing very well for himself but he is overweight and unhealthy.

When I turned 30 I was in the best shape of my life. I had more muscle and stamina than when I was 25 and I was just getting warm.

Of course as I continue to get older things can get a little harder but overall I had established good training and eating habits when I younger and they continue with me to this day.

Life goes by in a flash. It really does! I look back now and it is a blur. After 2 decades of grinding away on the weights and always trying to improve I feel damn good and I am pretty strong to boot. This lifestyle has really paid off and I look forward to more. A little lesson to you youngens out there, stick with it for the long haul, YOU WILL SEE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS!

When I tell people I dead lift and squat they say those exercises are bad for your knees and back. Oh yeah. Well I’m fine!  If they are so bad for your back and knees then how come I have no problems at all but those who are “poo pooing” the exercises have bad backs and knees??? How come they are on a ton of medications? How come they are overweight and lack energy and stamina?

When you are fit and healthy you are a different person. The act of committing to the iron begins to burn its impression right into your face and others can see it well. Your wide shoulders and thick back convey power and confidence.

Going from unfit to fit will be one of your greatest stories you will ever tell and maybe you will inspire others to follow you as you become a great leader.



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