Meat, potato and veggie training

Brothers of the Iron

We all grew up with the image of meat, potatoes and veggie to make us big, strong and healthy.  So why as we get older do we avoid meat, potatoes and veggies in our training?  I don’t know the answer to that.  However, I do know that since meat and potatoes are the corner stone(s) of strength training, they should be the corner stone of your program as well.

Let’s break down what meat, potatoes and veggies are in regards to training( we already know what they do for our diet)

  • Meat…Squat, bench, deadlift( the corner stone of strength training)
  • Potatoes…barbell rows, RDL/SLDL, front squats, OHP, etc…(assistance to ‘look like we lift’ a.k.a fill us out)
  • Veggies…progression from week to week.  85%, 90%, 95%, etc….you get the point.


Just like a well balanced diet will balance meat, potatoes and veggies, so should your training.

for example let’s take deadlifts.

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