Spinach and Coconut Noodles

The Kitchen Antics

Easily one of the simplest yet tasy meals around! I used frozen spinach, 2/3 chopped with cream and 1/3 plain spinach leaves, because that is what I had in the freezer this morning. Full leaves work too, but chop them before cooking otherwise you wont get a nice creamy texture. And I used rice noodles becaue they’re gluten free, but this would also probably work nicely with brown rice.

Spinach and Coconut Noodles

  • 150g frozen spinach
  • 80g rice noodle, medium size
  • 3tbsp coconut cream powder
  • 1tsp curry powder
  • salt to taste

Melt the spinach in a pot (with water if it is spinach leaves, without if it is spinach & cream). Put the coconut cream powder in another pot, add water, and cook the noodles in it. When everything is cooked, drain the noodles (and the spinach if you had added water) mix the two, add the salt and curry powder and…

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