The Rule of Fractions

I learn new things all the time and when it comes to people and their habits,beliefs and ideas you gotta really be flexible and very open-minded. I have had people come up to me and ask for advice for eating better and for working out. I always forget that they may not be ready for a world turning upside down event. When I start hitting them with diet plans and weight lifting plans they start to shrink back and almost turn another color. Not everybody but quite a lot.

So a few weeks ago I was once again approached by someone who is very unhealthy. They asked me the magic question and once again I became excited and eager to really help this person out. I was just about to blow them away as usually (I never learn ) and suddenly we were interrupted. I didn’t see him fo another few days and when I did he said he wanted to get back to our conversation.

Since I had time to cool down so to speak , I approached from a different angle that I think was more realistic to this person. Knowing that he never worked out and he smoked,drank and ate horribly all the time he needed to be guided every step of the way. If I hit him with a complete 180 degree transformation right out of the gate he would have run away from me. In most cases I say “fine, run away”  “I don’t have time to pussy foot around.” You want advice here’s what you do. Quit smoking and drinking right now. Not tomorrow, right now. Go home and throw away all the cakes and cookies and start eating whole foods that are organic & Non-GMO and throw away the soda and drink only water. Go for walks everyday and do some push ups and shit like that.

What I wound up saying (under a calmer mindset) was to start deleting the bad stuff and introducing all the good stuff in measured fractions.

50/50 – Cut out half of the crap and fill the void with good food. As you learn to maintain this new habit introduce some type of physical activity into your life.

60/40 – Once you have established a better diet and are now into walking or bike riding bump up your game a little bit. Now remove a little more of the bad food and slip in a bit of               good food to fill the hole. Add another mile to your bike ride or introduce push ups/pull ups into you fitness cycle.

70/30 – Now that you have been diligently staying on the path toward better health you can remove more of the bad stuff from your life, maybe this is the time you get off                                smoking or drinking. As hard as it may be this is the time to do it!

80/20 – You may still be trying to quit the ciggs at this point and you may have lost ground a bit when it come to how you are eating. Many people who quit smoking often find                        themselves bingeing on junk food to make up for the mental need to do something with their hands and mouth. Eating a pizza is not the worse thing for you and neither                   is a half-gallon of ice cream when you are working on quitting smoking. But this could be the perfect opportunity to really focus on eating even healthier. Allow yourself the               cheat day if you need but otherwise turn it up a notch!

90/10 – Hopefully you have said good-bye to smoking once and for all and your diet is within a good grasp. By now you are exercising regularly and even moving into a more                           advanced type of weight training.  Why not turn it up a notch and find a way to improve what you are doing. Consider it a fine tuning move.

Breaking a bad habit is one thing but breaking two or three can be a nightmare. Anything you can do to make the transition from unfit to fit easier on your nerves is good. What I laid out above is not a new concept that I invented. It is just a way to illustrate the concept of baby steps. If you are serious about making these vital changes for your health’s sake then you can do it your way. Not to sound like a sneaker commercial but…………………. Just do it!!



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