Caveman Is My Man!

A111028_jb_weights 017

A111028_jb_weights 017 (Photo credit: Joint Base Lewis McChord)


When I am working out I get really fired up. I can see my muscles swelling with blood and I can feel my heart beating. My concentration level is focused as a laser beam. It’s at this time that I can notice a heightened sense of well being. Lifting this heavy weight is releasing adrenaline from the Adrenal glands and needless to say I start feeling like an animal. As I continue lifting I feel like I’m on top of the world and I can’t think of any place I would rather be.

After I’m done working out this sense of well being continues. I literally can’t stop  thinking about the weight session I just had. This continues for the rest of the day. Whomever I encounter throughout the day gets to hear me excitedly talk about the deadlifts,squats or overhead press work I did. I feel pumped up and although I am a little tired I actually feel very strong and physically able for anything.

Hours and hours later when I finally lay down to sleep I feel like a little kid on Christmas. I am elated and jacked up. Believe it or not  I have trouble sleeping after doing heavy dead lifts or squats. You would think  that I would fall right to sleep but no , I am just too damn happy!

Once this “lifters high” starts occurring you have got to be careful because you can set yourself up for over training. I have actually had thoughts of training  everyday……. everyday! Even as I write this I think it’s still a good idea! I ……must……..resist! You have to take rest time to allow your body to repair itself.

Lifting awakens an ancient state of chemical power that was once very prevalent in our ancestors but has since become very sleepy in modern man. Lets face it, modern man lives a cushy life when compared to our ancient bros and sisters. These paleoithic hunters needed this powerful chemical force to assist them in their daily lives, their very dangerous and physically demanding daily lives.

When you physically exert yourself to the point where adrenaline makes you feel good and you actually feel almost invincible one has to consider the reason why? Why is your body responding this way? Now, if you picture a group of paleo humans hunting with spears and rocks and about to engage with their prey, which, is probably a dangerous animal in it’s own right, you can start to see the reason why. It’s a survival mechanism. How else would they risk life and limb? Technically it’s a natural performance enhancing drug that occurs in the body. It creates the condition needed in order to complete the very dangerous and arduous task. This high would overtake the hunters and they would begin to get all jacked up. They would have a “battle high” like what a soldier would experience while charging into battle. When it was all over they would eat meat and sit around and laugh and feel good. Just like me after I deadlift.

So I like to think that when I lift I am tapping into the past and pulling this ancient power forward into the present.

NMNH_Paleo Hunters


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