Training Day,Squats 101, Running Deep And Silent

I came home yesterday after a long busy shift at work to my sleep deprived wife and a very awake and happy 4 month old. My wife went to sleep and I made breakfast while my daughter supervised the whole operation.

After I ate she had her bottle and drifted off to sleep. There I was, awake and alone.

Time to do squats!!!

After setting up the baby monitor I stealthily went into the basement where Life Hardcore grows its roots healthy and strong (right next to the washer and dryer) and where I find my center.

Normally I would crank up some tunes and weights would be clanking and banging around and I would be grunting and yelling a bit as I push out reps…..generally normal sounds from working out. But this was a stealth mission I was on. Can’t wake the baby or else the workout is over. My wife was fast asleep upstairs and she wasn’t going to help me out this time.

I didn’t even bother turning on all the lights like I would usually do. It was dark except for a 100 watt bulb glowing in the corner.

I made sure to un-rack and rack the bar as quietly as possible. I would slowly remove and add weights being sure not to clank them together. I stifeled my grunts and inbetween sets I stood there in the dark with no music staring at the floor and the clock as I timed my rest periods.

In the end I finished up doing a total of 101 reps using very good form going deep (ass to grass) and exploding upward without making a sound like a ninja, hence the title of this post.

Here’s how the Squat 101 Workout looked like for me:

Bar (45lb) x 10

Bar x 10

95 x 10

135 x 12

155 x 10

175 x 8

185 x 7

195 x 4

200 x 4

205 x 3

210 x 1

215 x 1

220 x 1

225 x 1

230 x 1

190 x 5

160 x 6

135 x 7

Weights are in pounds. During singles, weights 210 -230, kept rest period to a strict 30 seconds. The first 5 sets are normally a warm up weight for me but I included them into this workout because this is a high rep workout. In contrast I would normally do a 5 x 5 or 3 x 6-8 and go heavier because of less reps involved. In this workout I knew I would have to lower the weight in order to attain the 101 reps with proper form.


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