Once Upon A Time In Fukushima……………….

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Radioactive runoff poisoning the Pacific Ocean

If you are into some kind of fitness, any kind, then you should also have even the slightest interest in the food you eat. I for one have a huge interest in food. Just the social aspect of everyone gathering around together to eat and be with each other is great. But most importantly it keeps you alive!

Fukushima *

Fukushima * (Photo credit: Sterneck)

So it already is bad enough that nature is not good enough that man has to fuck with our foods by adding chems and other shit like genetically modified organisms. It is not bad enough that you have to limit your supply of seafood to once a month to keep from overexposure to mercury .

Just to add insult to injury the Fukushima incident is still going on after 2 miserable years! The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has finally admitted that For two years the destroyed reactor has leaked 300 tons of radioactive water directly into the Pacific Ocean and the ground water every single day! 300 Tons a day for 2 years!

The technology to fix the problem does not even exist and the reactor is in full meltdown. The only way to keep it from blowing sky high is to keep pouring water over it.

This is going to continue for a long time and the problems will compound. I’m sure that if it is not effecting everybody on earth as of right now it eventually will if you live long enough.  That’s my opinion at least.

Even if you decide to stop eating fish from the ocean and go with farm raised you are then going to be eating fish loaded up with anti-biotics and dye to “enhance coloring”.

Even if you stop eating fish altogether then you are screwing yourself out of the high protein and omega 3’s that come from it.

Even if you hate fish and never ate a single thing from the ocean and you could care less about the Fukushima radioactive leak you better think again.

Can that much radioactive pollution leak into the ocean and never make it into the entire food chain?

We are talking about radiation that has a half-life that even your great great great great great great-grandchildren will never see.

The contamination will spread to every living organism in the entire oceans of the world. Land animals will eat the fish and it will spread to the land based animals as they eat each other. It will continue up the food chain.

Usually I would get mad and say lets fix this problem. Lets get a leg up on it before it gets one up on us. But the sad truth is we are just stuck with it. You can’t decontaminate the ocean.

I received some emails about this post . People asking what does whats happening in Japan have to do with weightlifting. unbelievable! Yeah I know, this is a blog about lifting weights, and firefighting and listening to metal and all that hardcore shit I like to get into. But I do take notice of the more serious matters happening in the world too. If this just bums you out then oh well, be bummed. If you can’t see that this is a world issue and not a Japan issue then you better start learning some things.


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