Sitting Bad

There was an insurance company in New York that provided coverage for a commuter railroad. They began to notice that the train drivers and conductors, men who stood all day, had longer life expectancy and less health issues then those men who sat in their jobs, even truck drivers. It was assumed that the men mostly came from the same genetic stock, most had similar lifestyles and diets away from work, and the only difference was that one group sat a good part of the day.

When you sit for long periods your posterior (hamstrings and glutes) become shorter and get very tight. Worse, the human digestive tract is not designed to function properly while the person sits for six or more hours a day.

There is a simple solution to sitting on one’s ass too much: Get a standing desk!! They improve movement a thousand percent, you can do lunges & knee bends, calf stretches, and lots of other movements while you work.

Or sit on an exercise ball all day.

Either limit your time watching TV or sitting at your computer or stand for a while. You can also take 5 minutes and put your laptop on a low spot like your couch and just squat all the way down. They call this the 3rd world squat. Hold that position for as long as you can.

A standing desk (or sit-stand adjustable) is beneficial, you can make one for less than $100 from Ikea parts, etc. Here’s a guide:…

Also, get the “You Are Your Own Gym” app and do the exercises throughout the day.

Build strength, get rock solid, let girls cop a feel (it’s sexual harrassment but ok).

Also I strongly suggest that you get a foam roller and do some mobility work. Read more on mobility work.


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