You’re Gonna Get Far With That Attitude!!

When you look at pro athletes at the championship level who are competing , who is the better player? They are both talented and hard workers. They both exhibit elite level skills. What will discern the true champion from the other? Luck? Or how about ATTITUDE?

Consider the Stanley Cup Playoffs of the NHL. Hockey at this level is by far the most intense sport anywhere. When it’s game 7 of the final round and the score is tied going into the last period it is pretty safe to say that the next goal will come from the team with the right attitude. Both teams have demonstrated that they have the right aptitude by advancing as far as they have.They won’t find any more skill in a magic potion.

It’s when the legs get tired and the back starts to ache that the mind starts to unravel. Any doubts or second guessing will only deplete the athletes further. If they allow frustration to creep into their heads and the other team stays cool under fire then it’s only a matter of time.

Attitude wins.

Usually any person in their respective field is surrounded by others that have the same aptitude. The key difference between these people is their attitude.

A person can do very well in their field even if their skill level is not as good as a fellow coworkers as long as their attitude is very good. Bosses who promote from within would first choose the person with the right attitude because they know that they can work with that person. They know that they can train them to develop their skills. They know that it is very hard to alter ones attitude though.

Just think of people you have met or known who had all the skill in the world but just a piss poor attitude. Usually these people will fail. No one wants to deal with a bad attitude so they have nothing to do with them.

Usually they say that “you won’t get anywhere with that attitude” but sometimes attitude is all you need! As long as it’s the right attitude. If you add desire and passion to attitude you have a trinity of unstoppable force. Who can take that away from you? Who will stop you?

Certainly aptitude is important to our success in life.Yet anyone who has been around for more than a few days knows success or failure is precipitated more by mental attitude than by mere mental capacities.

Some Individuals would look at a pile of rubble and say “what a mess” while others will look at the same pile and say “what an opportunity”.  Which one of these individuals would you want leading your team or doing the most important work?  Most would say the one who has a vision of what that “mess” could be.  This is an excellent example of a positive attitude.

With all this said…how is your attitude?  Before you answer, what would others say if they had this opportunity to answer? I encourage you to take a true examination here.


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