Obsessed. Ranting & Raving Again!

People have accused me of being obsessed with health and fitness……they may be right but that’s a good thing right? Technically obsessed is a strong word because it would infer that I spend so much time working out and shit that the rest of my life is being neglected. That simply is not the case so we can’t say “obsessed” but we are close though !

I will play along and agree that I am obsessed…..but what’s it called when people have barley finished their dinner before they are reaching for the desserts and their dinner was pizza or some other low protein high carb and high salt meal? Or what do you call it when someone is too tired to cook so they run out and buy something from the $5 dollar menu at Dairy Queen?? Is it not obsession when a person has to have a soda with their meal otherwise they don’t like what they are eating? I have actually heard someone say that before!! Or how about when you open their freezer and they have five 1 gallon containers of ice cream, candy and cookies in the pantry? How about a big bowl of cheese dip made from processed fake cheese?

People are getting high cholesterol readings from their blood work and the doctor puts them on statin drugs like Lipitor. Then these people continue eating bacon cheesburgers and diet cokes to their hearts content!


If everyone was doing the right thing and only eating healthy and getting exercise and being as awesome as they can be then nobody would even notice me. I would blend right in. But since the majority of people choose macaroni and cheese and big gulps all of a sudden people like you and me are oddly obsessed! wtf?

Macaroni and cheese in a white bowl.

Macaroni and cheese in a white bowl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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