Escaping THE HOLE to live and fight another day. Squats 101

In the fire service, at least where I work they call getting in trouble hitting the jackpot. We train regularly on apparatus placement,stretching lines,laddering buildings,search and rescue and much more.

This is all the basic stuff that we do to mitigate the situation. But in this job you are going to run into trouble, it’s the nature of things. So we also train on getting our asses out of the jackpot.

Things like proper Mayday transmissions,self rescue,buddy breathing and more are practiced alongside the bread and butter training we do. It is essential to know what to do when things go wrong and to not panic and do something goofy that will get you further in the hole.

And speaking of ” the hole “, what can be the most self-imposed un-friendly place on the earth?? The HOLE of course!

What the hole am I talking about you say? When squatting you have to go down deep in the hole and when your going heavy and its been a long session the hole is a tough place to be in.

So how do you squat? Deadlift? Clean & Press?

There is plenty of info on the web on how to accomplish these various lifts. Study them and learn them.

But what do you do when things go wrong??

Here’s a short video from Learn Adapt Conquer that will show you what to do when you’re in the hole and can’t finish the lift. This is good to watch because when you get stuck in the hole or lose your balance you have to know how not to panic. If you do something goofy you can hurt yourself. More important , pay attention to the message at the end.


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