Shore Food … Really?

You would think that at a place where people are wearing very little they would have access to healthy food but not in the land of the rotund.


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IMG_0906We went to the Jersey shore yesterday and walked the boards. The options to eat are cheesy pizza, burgers and fries with fried Oreos thrown in. We even saw a sign for chocolate covered bacon. Come on! Are we really that into greasy fried foods? As you walk near these places your heart is trying to jump out of your body. It will kill you faster than a bullet! I don’t want to limit anyone’s food. If you really want to eat this junk … do it but there should be options for people trying to live.

The other interesting thing we noticed was most older people were walking with carts to support them. This goes hand in hand. If you abuse your body all your life, it will fail you in the end!

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