Old feller using HGH and Testosterone Therapy

74-year-old defies time with hormones

Jeffry Life, age 74, uses performance enhancing drugs that are similar to the ones used by athletes like Lance Armstrong. The physical results are easy to see, but he says the rock hard body isn’t the only effect. Life claims his mind is sharp and he feels like a man half his age.

“I’m not against aging. I’m against getting old,” he tells CNN’s Kyung Lah. Life uses testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) accompanied by a daily fitness regimen and a low-carb diet. The physician considers himself a trailblazer for others who want a better quality of life in old age.

The FDA regulates the use of HGH and has not approved it for anti-aging purposes. Watch Lah’s report to see how Life’s company, Cenegenics, has found a “natural loophole” to give their patients HGH, and why some critics don’t support their use of hormones as a fountain of youth.

You can watch the video here:


I have a lot to say about this and it may be in conflict with itself when you think about it but that’s ok because one sign of intellegence and humans are the only creature capable of this but we can hold two opposing thoughts in our head at the same time…..

First of all, this guy is 74 and he looks great! Now looks aren’t everything but he wouldn’t look this way on just the drugs alone. The drugs allow for muscular developement precisley by using resistance training. In other words you have to workout and eat right to get any benefit from the drugs. I say that if anyone wants to return to a lifestyle of exercise at the age of 70 plus and they would like to take PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) then more power to em!  Somewhere in the video they start talking about getting cancer from these drugs and the Dr. says he would not blame the drugs. To me this is stupid to even bring up. He is 74!! He can basically get cancer any friggin second from just about anything at this point! So once again  I say this is great for older people who want to reclaim some of there youth.

But on the other hand , if you watch the video you see they mention it costs about $15,000 a year to go on this program and they ask one of the patients how he feels about that. He says that it is worth it so that he can protect his health . So this is good I suppose but isn’t it funny that people will spend all their youth and health in the pursuit of money and then spend all their money to make themselves well again.

So somewhere in the middle lies the truth. As with anything there are people who can take advantage of these kind of things and if they desire to use them they should be able to. The medias “concern” about “will it cause cancer” is just their way of making the story appear to be more controversial than it really is.



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