To the Lost….Hero’s Forever

A salute to the hardcore. The country reacts to the greatest loss of firefighters in the line of duty since 9/11. They were 19 highly skilled professionals that had seen and survived some of the harshest conditions a person can face. They perished on June 28th, 2013 while battling the Yarnell Hill Wildfire – about 60 miles northwest of Phoenix.

Andrew Ashcraft 29

Robert Caldwell 23

Travis Carter 31

Dustin Deford 24

Christopher MacKenzie 30

Fire Superintendent , Eric Marsh 43

Grant McKee 21

Sean Misner 26

Scott Norris 28

Wade Parker 22

John Percin 24

Anthony Rose 23

Jesse Steed 36

Joe Thurston 32

Travis Turbyfill 27

William Warneke 25

Clayton Whittted 28

Kevin Woyjeck 21

Garret Zuppiger 27

To The Lost…..from

July 9, 2013 by sarahallegra

It was last Tuesday, July 2nd, that I found out about the tragic deaths of the nineteen firefighters in Arizona a few days earlier.  At the same time, I discovered my childhood friend, Andrew Ashcraft, was one of those lost.   I hadn’t yet even heard about the tragic death of the nineteen firefighters in Arizona.  Andrew was a childhood friend of mine.  It took a while to sink in.  Andrew, who I had played with for years, was gone.

Not only Andrew, but eighteen others of Arizona’s finest firefighters were lost.   They were called the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew; essentially the Navy Seals of the fire world.  They were trained to go into the deadliest, most dire situations and kick the fire’s ass.  They went in to make a fuel break for the devastating forest fire when the wind changed and trapped them.  There was no escape………… Read More


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