Step Into Iron

In the land of squats , bench pressing, clean & jerks, dead lifts, weighted dips & pull ups , to name a few, often times we tend to forget those simpler years of our lives when we were just starting out. When we were learning basic moves like push ups and jumping  jacks and doing the 50 yard dash.

When I got my start in the gym it was in the early 90’s and I joined a big Globo gym called Jack Lalanne which is now Bally’s Fitness. In those years people were still swooning over the low fat craze and the insane idea of 2 hr workouts using isolation techniques for everything.

When I walked in there I was introduced to machine circuit training which the gym employee told me was the best and safest way to start out. I kept asking him about the free weight section and he said he will be glad to show me in a few weeks once I have developed a little conditioning.

I’m not sure if I ever even saw that guy again and I was tiring of doing machine workouts while all the big kids got to play with the free weights. I decided one day to just step into the iron, the free weights.

I remember having no clue about sets or rep counts and I fumbled with using the proper weight . But for the most part I found that all of the basic moves were simple to do.

When I became a little more comfortable I just started asking people about proper lifting as far as sets, reps, warm ups, routines and what ever else I was curious about. Everyone was very helpful and I started to learn.

Stepping into the iron was one of the best moves I made, sticking with it was my next best move. When the weights are racked and I am sitting at my computer I still have my head in this world. When I am at work cutting a hole in a roof at a house fire or stretching an attack line to knock down a kitchen fire I know my fitness is up to speed. 

I don’t know if I will live longer or if when I’m 80 I will be dead lifting…..I have no clue, but I do know that I love what I am doing right now and for me I feel most alive when that cold barbell is sitting on my back.


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