I have talked about decreasing the weight and pacing yourself when you are working out a lot. This is in order to give yourself  the opportunity to last and stay injury free. That is because fitness is a tactic that is one of many other tactics that encompass your life strategy. Since we are talking life here then we are talking about a long time. Sure we all say that life is short but it is really the longest thing that you will ever do!

So if you start training young and you are consistent for your whole life then working out is gonna be something that you will be doing for quite a while. So that’s why I have said before, it’s good to decrease the load every now and then and ultimately train hard but give your body some room to breath . Don’t overwhelm yourself with heavy weights ceases sly and run the risk of getting injured. Sometimes injuries will last a lifetime and if your young that would really suck to have an injury that inhibits you from reaching your potential.

Now having said that I will now pull a 180 on you and say the complete opposite!

Sometimes when we train we get into a rut. We plateau and just seem to sit dead in the water. Or maybe we are feeling external pressures that keep us distracted and our training suffers.

You know yourself better than  anyone else. Take a look at your situation. If you feel that you need to back off then its ok, go ahead. But sometimes you need to throttle down even harder. You need to think like an animal! Just turn it up a notch and beat the weights silly.

Instead of dropping the weight by 20 or 30 lbs. go up 5 lbs. You are gonna need to concentrate and work harder and it may even take a lot out of you but that’s the whole point.

Put yourself in a state of truculence and that hardcore mentality of viciousness. If external pressures have you all tensed up relaxing and riding the wave may not work this time. It may actually make things worse. That’s why you need to know yourself and know what you can really do.

That weight room is a great place to take out your aggressions. If you go hard as hell you can release negative energy as well as maybe hit a new PR.


3 thoughts on “Animalize

  1. I learned this lesson years ago (the hard way). Egged on by my workout buddies, I attempted 238 on the bench after barely pressing 235 (I weighed 130 lbs at the time). I felt a “pop” in my left shoulder and was out of action for a month. I knew it was stupid to try that, but I gave in to peer pressure . Normally, I never used weights greater than I could lift with three consecutive repetitions.

      • I can’t be sure since I never sought medical treatment. But, I’d guess the injury was to the deltoid or subscapularis. In any case, it ended my body-building phase and I was forced to transition to a less intense regimen. The lesson here, I think, is to never attempt a weight greater than that which you can maintain proper form.

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