Make it easy

Make It Easy!

No refrigeration or prep needed for these snacks and quick foods… Keep them tucked in your car, every piece of luggage you own, backpacks, purses, desk drawers, etc. There is never an excuse to buy shitty food.

Dried berries for carbs, Paleo beef sticks for protein, nuts and seeds mix for fat.


Salmon, tuna or chicken in different flavors in foil packets for protein (these taste disgusting to me but are better than junk food), pureed fruits and veggies (baby food with no additives in pouches) for carbs, and nut butters (almond, walnut, macadamia) or coconut butter for fat.


Tired, stressed, don’t feel like cooking? There are easy solutions!

Hot chickens ready at supermarkets,  as an easy, delicious protein. Frozen veggies heated in the microwave ( I use the microwave sparingly) or roasted in the oven with spices, garlic, flavored olive oils, nuts, plain or flavored balsamic vinegars, etc. as carbs. Fresh ground nut butter or avocado slices with sea salt as fat. Berries plain or with a bit of whipped coconut milk poured over them for some dessert.

Pre-cooked wild game or hamburger patties with sundried tomatoes mixed in (oil and everything from the jar), are an easy grab out of your tupperware in the fridge. Cook them rare so when re-heated they are still moist.


Need a little “something sweet” after dinner? Don’t despair!

Broiled Mango, Apples with cinnamon, Pineapple
Broiling fruit brings out its inherent sweetness. A squeeze of tart lime juice or a dollop of whipped coconut milk balances it out.



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