Quotes From Bodybuilding Legends




“One set at extreme intensity does the muscle-building job. It must be stressed that the one final, all-out set I do takes me to the very limit of my capabilities. If you feel you can attempt a second set, then you couldn’t have been pulling out all the stops during the first set. It’s not pretty, but it works.”


Dorian Yates, Mr. Olympia, 1993-97




I always go heavy and I always go to failure. Even when I tell myself I’m gonna go easy, once I get to the gym and start working, I never end up going easy. I hate leaving the floor feeling like I could have done more weight or more reps. I just love working out and going further than I ever did before.”


Branch Warren, Arnold Classic Winner, 2011









“Bodybuilding has been the tool that single-handedly taught a little black boy from the projects to use his mind to achieve success. it taught me to see things for what they can be. I had 17-inch arms; I imagined them to be 24 inches. The power of my mind allowed me to achieve what I imagined.”


Kai Greene, Arnold Classic Winner, 2009-10















“Experiencing pain in your muscles and aching, that’s what makes the muscle grow. and that divides one from [being] a champion and one from not being a champion. If you can go through this pain barrier, you may get to be a champion. If You can’t go through it, forget it.”


Arnold Shwarzenegger, Mr. Olympia, 1970-75, 1980










“Motivation was never a problem for me. In the beginning, i went to the gym because i wanted to work out and build my body. The difference now is that I’m a professional, and this is how I make my living. But that love for training is still there, and I don’t think that will ever go away.”

Dexter Jackson, Mr. Olympia, 2008













“You get as big as possible from becoming as strong as possible. When I started lifting I went into the gym with that ‘how much can I bench, curl, squat , and deadlift?’ attitude. That’s when I discovered how fast my strength could increase, and it made me crazy intense to get even stronger.”

Kevin Levrone, Arnold Classic Winner, 1994-95





















“Now there’s a lot more thought process when I train. Sometimes I have to close my eyes and think and bury myself in each repetition. It’s important to do that to focus the reps the way I want. It’s never been about moving the weight from point a to point B. It’s about making the correct muscles do the work that counts.”

-Jay Cutler, Mr. Olympia, 1006-07, 2009-10





“I’m always trying for personal records. The more intensity you can generate, the faster your muscles will grow, and nothing feeds intensity more than a life-or-death attempt to set a personal record. And I’m old-school, dawg; heavy weights give the muscles that dense look, and bodybuilders should be as strong as they look.”

-Chris Cormier, Ironman Pro Invitational Winner, 1999-2002
















 “Going to the gym was never about ‘working out’ like it is for most people. To me, It was a matter of life or death. It was either me or the weights–and I was going to win. I’ve always had that competitive streak, whether it was in the gym, on the stage, or In anything else I did.”

Rich Gaspari, Arnold Classic Winner, 1989



















“When I played basketball, I spent hours On the court practicing. When i became a body-builder, I was in the gym all the time. Like most beginners, I didn’t really know what I was doing, but the more I did it, the more I loved it. I guess you could say I was a gym rat. Seeing my body change made me come back for more.”

Phil Heath, Mr. Olympia 2011






4 thoughts on “Quotes From Bodybuilding Legends

  1. Great post Fred. I think it is incredibly inspirational and helpful to see what drives people to do what they do. Quotes are a great way to capture these things. Hearing from professionals; specifically athletes has always been interesting. The great philosopher Plato always said that he found it more interesting to debate with athletes than any other scholar, as it provided a unique and highly applicable insight to life itself. These quotes I think capture the deep,diverse and intricate minds of these artists and I thank you my friend for sharing them!


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