Women athletes

What I like about these pics is that you can tell they aren’t just faking it for a photo. These ladies are going hard!

Train hard and be fierce!

Female athletes wearing a bikini-like combinat...

Female athletes wearing a bikini-like combination of a subligaculum and a strophium (breast-cloth) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That kettle bell is heavier than you think and this athlete is showing perfect form.

Climbing ropes can be tough for women because of lack of upper body strength. The ladies who hit it hard are going to develop muscle that will propel them up the rope.

Showing off some decent abs and she got em without losing muscle mass.

A lot harder than you think!

Shoulders,traps,bi’s and even hamstrings. This girl is a bull!

Fingers locked in and her arms are like two steel cables!

Competition level is too intense!

Mean as could be!

Again we have a pic of an athlete in competition. You can see the intensity on her face.

I’m not a big fan of machines with cables as any primary exercise. Judging by her delts I would say neither is she. Maybe she’s warming up or doing some light stuff before she’s done.

Doing dead lifts in the sun with some guy in a sun visor yelling at you. You gotta love it!

Look at her traps and tell me she’s not working her ass off !

The rings !

This is just awesome!


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