Paleo Hunters Didn’t Need Dead Lifts But The 21st Century Man Does

Go Chemical

Lifting awakens an ancient state of chemical power that was once very prevalent in our ancestors but has since become very sleepy in modern man. Lets face it, modern man lives a cushy life when compared to our ancient bros and sisters. These paleoithic hunters needed this powerful chemical force to assist them in their daily lives, their very dangerous and physically demanding daily lives.

When you physically exert yourself to the point where adrenaline makes you feel good and you actually feel almost invincible one has to consider the reason why? Why is your body responding this way? Now, if you picture a group of paleo humans hunting with spears and rocks and about to engage with their prey, which, is probably a dangerous animal in its own right, you can start to see the reason why. It’s a survival mechanism. How else would they risk life and limb? In a way it’s a natural performance enhancing drug that occurs in the body. It creates the condition needed in order to complete the very dangerous and arduous task. This high would overtake the hunters and they would begin to get all jacked up. They would have a “battle high” like what a soldier would experience while charging into battle. When it was all over they would eat meat and sit around and laugh and feel good. Just like us after we dead lift!

The 21st Century Man

The 21st Century Man is in desperate need of that ancient chemical surge. It is important to who we are. The kind of toughness that is lacking is the very edge he needs to go beyond this level and into the next. Rather than rely on technology and leaders who are misguided and plagued with issues, the humane race needs to harness the raw power that brought us to this modern-day we live in.

Exercise is one of the ways to get back to this ancient power. Instead of it being a normal thing that just happens like in the past, today we must consider it. We have to find a way to make time and deal with pressures  that want to keep us from getting it done. This is not right. This is not who we truly are.

Look at us. We can run and jump and lift heavy shit . We adore our athletes because we admire their skill and because we wish we can be doing what they are doing. As the athlete performs with great aptitude we slouch in our arm chairs with our bad food. If it is too hot we turn on the AC , if it is too cold we turn on the heat and full of sloth we sit in our comfortable state. Comfort pulls us away from feeling truly alive. Like the kind of alive you feel when salty sweat stings your eyes and drips over your lips and then finally off your chin. Alive like when your legs burn from running the bleachers at 9:30 at night while the rest of the world is inside their homes watching HBO.

Living longer but living softer

That’s us in a nut shell. Paleo man was mean and tough because he had no choice but to be. Unfortunately for him this life was too dangerous and the life expectancy was very short. Today we are living longer lives but look at the majority of people and see that there is a lot of unhealthiness around. Of course I would rather live a safer more comfortable lifestyle into the ripe old age of 90 rather than the life paleo man lived. But what if we all took greater pride in our health and really tried hard to stay fit and be as healthy as we can? Would we live longer? Perhaps. But if not we would maybe live even better. Better health means more happiness!


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