I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by my fellow blogger Learn Adapt Conquer. LA & Conquer is a great site for video and discussion about fitness. It really is the kind of forum that I would like mine to be like. Victor Resto and a crew of writers work diligently to bring us great topics and ideas on improving ourselves, “The concepts behind our entire site and philosophy is based on the idea of versatility and self-improvement” Says Victor. This is very true and that’s why I find myself reading his forum often. Receiving this award is awesome because I at least know that others see what I am trying to do here on my blog.

ver·sa·tile (vûr s -t l, -t l ). adj. 1. Capable of doing many things competently. 2. Having varied uses or serving many functions

The following blogs are my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Notes Of A Man – A well written and intellectual blog about “manning up” and being the best man you can be. I find it to be versatile because the              concepts and ideas can be applied to many different facets in your life from leadership to relationships and exercise. And if you’re a woman it is okay to read!

Brothers Of The Iron –  Welcome to the brotherhood! Strength training, powerlifting, music and other stuff . A fun blog where you can follow one womans’ journey in the fitness world

Betterbodies – European basketball player Clay earns his keep on the basketball court and has a unique perspective on being fit. His brand new site is   up and running and provides useful information.

The Secular Jurist– Social commentary from a perspective of moral secularism. Not a fitness blog but a political/economic blog with a good sense grasp on todays issues and how they affect us. You can’t just be about pumping weights all the time. Besides the writer knows about the iron game having been in it himself.

All Season Cyclist– Fitness is more than weights. Here you’ll find a die-hard cyclist and his reviews on a lot of new gear that is coming out on the market.

I Know Squat– A young woman also on a fitness journey who shares progress pics and food pics. What really sews it up nicely is when she gives perspective on her life.

The Epigenetics Project Blog– Versatility in nutrition!

The Power Of Doing– Female competition powerlifter with some impressive traps. She came from her low point and being overweight and  is superstar. Great reading for powerlifting info and getting a real personal point of view of things. Pretty raw and pretty fun!

Tales From The Lou Blog – Not a fitness forum although sometimes covers fitness related stories especially nutrition. From anthropology to Buddh to coffee to debt slavery to earth sounds phenomena to fracking to GMO to music to zen Mr. Lou covers it all. Fun,                                                                         interesting and intellectual. If you are looking for politics and social and economical stories check it out.

Activate Fitness –  One of my favorite reads. A jersey boy like myself Mike Corona now runs his own gym and runs fitness classes and for a young guy has some pretty deep insights after have making himself through some thick and thin.

Active PT Blog– Learn from a doctor! Injury prevention and physical therapy.

M7 Adaptive Fitness (Farm Your Training Day)– Colorado and its vast beauty ( loved this state so much I went there twice in the same year)
“A fitness approach should help nourish and support the highest priorities in your life, not compete with them. That is what M7 Adaptive Fitness is about.”  Also see

If there is anybody that I may have missed sorry about that, I didn’t mean it.



4 thoughts on “VERSATILE BLOG AWARD!

  1. Congrats on this one, you deserve the recognition. I’ve picked up some sound training and nutrition info from your blog, and some sports history here and there too. Good stuff.

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