A Brief History Of Life Hardcore

A Brief History Of Life Hardcore

I am  glad to be alive! I am happy when I overcome the tough times and I am happy when things are going great. I want to literally beat the living shit out of life and when I take my last breath know that I did all that I can and lived it raw and as much under my own terms as I could muster.

I want to be healthy for as long as I can. That’s my focus now but hen I was younger I did stupid shit because I didn’t know any better and I thank god that at some point I started to catch on and wise up.

I smoked in high school till I graduated and a few years longer after that. About a total of ten years spent smoking when I should have been developing and growing strong. I started drinking in high school too. Weekend parties were wild and I’m glad I had fun (you are only young once) but I am also upset because I usually went way too far.

I ate bad food too. I really didn’t have a problem with getting a gut from the food because I could eat anything and not gain weight but the poor nutrition really was the problem. Eating poorly lead to a weaker frame and less energy.

Ahh but what is youth?

In my 20s I started to get the ball rolling. Working out led to me quitting smoking and reducing my drinking. I started to feel better as well. I put on 15 lbs of muscle. People were noticing. My confidence grew and this just made me want to do even better.

By the time I was 26 I was really dialed in….putting up weight and becoming more  muscular while maintaining body fat and more important, learning to control that strong impulse to party all the time. I learned discipline.

By the age of 30 I looked back and although I had made some good gains I was a little unsatisfied because I was not very consistent with my training or diet.  I still needed to improve my discipline .

Through these years I went to college, bartending school, Realtors School, worked two jobs and moved up little by little. I took the test for the fire department at 25 years old but I had to wait a long 5 years to get hired. I kept my head down and continued working trying to develop a good career for myself in case the fire department didn’t happen for me.

I made a promise on my 30 birthday that I would commit to a decade of fitness. I would make fitness my number one priority and insure that I either workout or do some type of physical exercise nearly everyday. This promise came about through introspection. I sat quietly and reflected on my life thus far. Doing this will force you to see the things that may upset you. The mistakes, regrets and the dark stuff that you try to cast of in your everyday life. But I promise you, looking at your life with honesty and taking stock of who and what you are can be the best gift you ever give yourself. I had realized that I spent my 20’s trying to be what I wanted to really be but was constantly blown off course by things that I thought was important but turned out wasn’t.

Working out during my 20’s was always in competition with the girl I was dating and the party I was going to. I would miss three-months of training and eating right then go back to the gym after the relationship with the girl ended. I was inconsistent with my training but I was also inconsistent with my life in general. So on my birthday I promised to this decade of fitness and I did it!

At age 40 I can look back and say I managed to keep that commitment and along with it a pretty awesome decade of firefighting on top of that. During the process my life moved forward and I met the woman I would marry, buy a house with and have a daughter with. My health and my strength have excelled and my career as a firefighter has left me tired and sometimes beaten up but feeling so alive at the same time.

Now I re-upped that same promise and since I managed to complete 10 years so easily this time it’s for life!

I feel I am in the best shape of my life. I wasn’t this strong in my 20’s!

Whatever your age is it’s never too late to get into the best shape of your life.  Taking the initiative is the key. Make your mind up today on what you want to do to get yourself where you need to be.

There is no reason to get sick or even die over something that was clearly avoidable.

The history of Life Hardcore as a blog is brief. It hasn’t even been up for a year yet , it is rough around the edges and who even knows how long it will last. But the mentality and the philosophy dates back to my early years as my quest through life has taken me down so many roads. It too is rough around the edges and perfectly imperfect and it is who I am.

Of course life is bigger than me alone and for every time I take a piece out of life, life takes an even bigger piece out of me. And you know what? That is fine with me.



6 thoughts on “A Brief History Of Life Hardcore

  1. Thanks for sharing Fred. A testimony of a leader and a Kingly mind. This gift that was given to you to enjoy life, happiness, enduring your struggles, not quitting, honesty, selfless service, courage, confidence, strength, discipline and finally possessing a woman of value, is my entire aim and work. That gift is what, I seek to share and you are a manifestation of that gift.I am glad you shared a bit of your history and just know you live life hardcore!!

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