Paleo Protein Coffee aka. Egg Latte

This may sound weird guys but is it any more weird than the crap that we get out of processed foods? Hellz No!
Fred (LHXC)

On The Go Fitness

Oh my freaking god guys! This is literally the best thing I have done in months, possibly years!

Don’t freak out… but I put eggs in my coffee this morning.

So I am in the midst of carb cycling, and it makes me do funny things. On low carb days I usually crave things like fruit and popcorn, but especially things that are “creamy and sweet”… think lattes and ice cream. Yum!On high carb days I actually tend to really crave salt, which is fine… but I think I am actually craving salt and FAT, which is not so good. Like nachos usually sound like heaven… salty tortilla chips, MOUNDS of cheese and guacamole.

Obviously this is a problem, so when I saw the Mark Sisson had posted about putting egg yolks in his coffee instead of the standard bulletproof coffee of butter or coconut oil, it got me thinking…

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