Hardcore Thought Of The Day

Whenever you see someone who is “in the zone”, they have reached a point  of central focus where only the task at hand is recognized by their brain. All other thoughts are pushed out. To get here you need to practice and do something for a long time. Be patient and be consistent and you will get there.


7 thoughts on “Hardcore Thought Of The Day

    • Yeah , been watchin on the news. I have several friends out there who have been keeping me posted too. I wish I could be there to help but your just a little outside our alarm district!
      Keep safe, avoid driving thru or walking thru any water if you can.

      • Thanks Fred. Just got back from a hike to the class 3 dam not far from our home. The lake is very high, but the safeguards in place look like they’ll be enough to manage. Many others closer to the mountains are not so fortunate, especially near Boulder.

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