Hardcore Occupations – Nurse

I was visiting someone in the hospital and I was just observing things happen around me and I was very impressed by the nurse and the rest of the staff. We all know hospitals suck but these men and women are in the shit everyday and they have to work very hard , no matter what is going on.

The nursing career is a very tough field to get into. Nurses have to complete a lot of schooling and they have to work nights , weekends and holidays. They see a lot of bad shit and they have to be able to turn it off when they go home to their families.

Nurses are angels and they kick hardcore ass.

I hope that those who get us healthy will always try to be healthy by remembering to exercise and eat well.


One thought on “Hardcore Occupations – Nurse

  1. My niece is an RN; watching her work takes my breath away. Nurses are highly underrated super-heroes. Next month she marries a fire-fighter…talk about busting with pride?

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