Having A Purpose, Lifelong Hardcore

Lets look at things from a better perspective. Right now you have the elite athletes of the world, they do what ever they do, Baseball,football, powerlifting etc.

Then you have your amateur athletes. They have a few endorsements from smaller companies and can actually turn out a living.  they are aspiring to greater things. They are know very well as potential elite pro athletes.

Then you have our younger athletes who are in high school and college. At the very least their athleticism can bring them school pride and even a good scholarship.

But what about the rest of us. Working one or two jobs,taking care of a family, and then trying to get in a 20 or 30 min workout to top the day off. How about the small business owner who works 80 hours a week and goes to the gym at 4 or 5 in the morning?

Now when it comes to your pros, amateurs and even college level athletes they all have something big on the line and there is pressure to succeed because if they don’t then they lose big money,endorsements , scholarships, and celebrity status.

But when us regular folk get hurt we can’t train either…can’t go food shopping can’t take care of our kids…etc.

And what of the industrial athlete? Firefighters, police, military, EMS, construction workers etc.

So  isn’t this whole thing upside down,

Creation of a community

Right now the world pulls for people to not bother trying to get healthy … to stay on the couch and eat the unhealthy food advertised in media.  Yet there is plenty of information about ways to get moving, how much to exercise, and ways to improve your over-all health.  What is lacking are people coming together to support each other in creating exercise, fitness, and health as a life-long habit.  This community will create a space that pulls to view everyone as athletes, no matter what their level of participation.  We will create the opportunity for more people to experience the fun, energy, and well-being that comes from being in motion.

We will help people starting out get the tools, encouragement, and answers they need to get moving.  After that, we will continue to provide support through people who already have incorporated exercise as a life-long habit helping those who are just starting out.  Just by being accountable to each other, everyone can lift up their level of committment to their habits beyond what they would accomplish by trying to go it alone.

Since the beginning

As Lifehardcore became established on the good old W W W I have found myself being inspired by others who like to train , eat, and think like me. Thank god for this because it is often because of them that I return to write more into my blog. A positive feedback loop that keeps me energized and forces me to stand fast and maintain. So now a community has formed and if you are reading this and thinking that it sounds perfect then say something. Make a point, ask a question give a shout out. Either myself or someone else who stops by from time to time will answer back.

Since the  beginning I wanted this blog to have a purpose.  I realize that to reach it ,it needs to come alive with all of you.



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