Not Too Much ,Not Too Little Cardio Just Right

Pieter Weening at stage 7 of the Tour de Franc... In the road cycling sport a bulked up body is a slow body. Long distance riders shed pounds to win.  Loosing the fat storage is one thing but loosing actual muscle mass is where I draw the line. But these pros are looking to maximize there performance in their sport. The hardcore of it is that they are committed to doing their best and winning.

I was heavily into road riding for 5 years with very little weight lifting. I ate everything I wanted to and like to drink good beers. At 6′ tall I found myself down to 176 lbs and couldn’t beleive it! I headed to the gym to see where I stood. When squatting I could barely do 135 lbs.

It was at this point that I literally slammed on the breaks. After 5 years of riding with the wind I went from 200 lbs. down to 176 lbs. I needed to go the other way . So back to the weight room I went and 5 years later I sit steadly at 200- 205 . One thing I miss is the ripped six pack I had but I will settle for a faint four pack and some more muscle instead.

 Doing plenty of cardio is a good thing, it’s important. You got that all you bulksters out there!? This marine is performing at a cardio level yet he is not wasting away to nothing.


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