Take Your Testosterone To The Top

I tend to take it as it comes on Life Hardcore. The general theme of the posts is predominately one of positive masculinity. And from my research, the most important aspect is testosterone, far more important than even most men believe. To me, it is key, truly key in everything a man does and the best way to gain it is through heavy weights, proper rest, healthy diet, avoidance of stress and supplementation.

Heavy weights are important because the consistent action of lifting heavy weights forces the body to have to adapt. The underlying action taking place is the production of higher testosterone levels to support the adaptive response of muscle repair and hypertrophy.

Proper rest is probably the most important . Testosterone production occurs during sleep cycles and if you have poor sleep then you are not going to get the proper amount of testosterone production in and your levels will suffer.

A good clean healthy diet will always do wonders for you even if your testosterone levels don’t see any direct benefit. If you keep fat off and eat foods that provide proper energy and do not spike your insulin constantly then your testosterone levels will not be diminished. Even more, if you concentrate your diet toward foods that promote increased testosterone production and decreased estrogen and/or block estrogen then you may be hitting better testosterone levels than anyone else!

When it comes to stress, avoiding it is like trying to avoid a tidal wave while floating on a raft. But you have to try to at least learn to ride the wave. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t allow other peoples stress become your stress. Learn to set goals and stay on them like a laser. This will keep you focused and may distract you from things that you have no control over.

When it comes to supplements  I have already stated here on this blog that I don’t really buy into this huge industry. But the thing is, ya never know. So every once in a while I go try something out. I still have not found anything that is worth the money, In the end the best things are the first four.


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