MAKE Time for the Gym

MAKE Time for the Gym

The emphasis is clearly on the “make” part of this habit. Inspirational speaker Tony Robbins once said

“Now do you think those people out there working out 5 days a week, do they have more time than you do? Is there life less busy? It’s just a must for them. They must work out that way and they’ve made that turn in their life change. So if you want to make real progress, then you really have to look at your life in a different way. You’ve got to say, I’m going to take control of this process and not just hope it’s going to work out, like people do and make a resolution.”

A lot of people make excuses that they don’t have time to go to the gym. They don’t want to get up early to work out or they are too tired after work. But, everyone is busy and everybody who isn’t a professional bodybuilder has a life. Highly fit people find a way to go to the gym, whether it’s waking up at 5:30 in the morning or joining a 24 hour gym that’s going to fit their job with odd hours. Right in there with consistency, highly fit people do not make excuses as to why they “don’t have time” to go to the gym.

This goes for everything else in your life as well. All things from your career to your relationships require you to make time for them. That’s a lot of things that are constantly viewing for your attention. The more in demand your attention is , the more it is necessary to get away from the unimportant things , the time wasters. You know what your time wasters are so whatever they are put a big target on them and eliminate!

To help you along you should follow an exercise program. Have everything written down so you know exactly what to do and where to go in the gym. Write down your reps and your sets. Stay focused on your workout. Minimize the talking and maximize your training. If someone is on a piece of equipment either ask them to work in or go back to that one later. The idea is to get in your best workout at the very least time.Make sure your diet is spot on. If you have a wish washy diet where you miss meals and cheat a lot then it will slow down your progress. By eating right and true you will maximize your training and results will come quicker.

After all this if you find that you are still having trouble making it to your workouts and you have done everything you can then maybe consider a radical approach. You are obviously working a lot and that is sometimes just the way it is. I am not going to tell you to not go to work! That would be radical yes but not smart either. So what do I mean by take a radical approach? You have already cut out the time wasters like T.V. and video games. You have restructured your whole itinerary around a 3 day a week workout program. You have been eating right and sleeping enough. What else could one do?

Here are some options;

If you workout at a gym consider making a home gym and do your training there. Since my daughter was born this strategy has not only allowed me to still get my workouts in but I actually have excelled and I am doing better than ever!

Or the reverse, if you workout at home then maybe join a gym that is right near where you work. Maybe this way you can train on your lunch break or as soon as you get out of work.

If your social life is the thing that is soaking up your time then try to incorporate it into your training time. If it’s your girlfriend or wife ask them to go to the gym with you. If it’s your friends ask them to go with you.

Again if it is your social life and it involves partying up till the break of dawn then maybe stop and think about the long-term effect this will have on your body. Are you ready to go down that road? Losing muscle mass and gaining fat mass. Feeling tired all the time . Eventually winding up at the doctors with bad news. Or flip the switch and shit can the all nighters and instead take up exercising for real. That’s a choice that you have to make.

If things are that tight that you don’t even have time to do anything then maybe yes you need to just not worry about working out. Just wake up 15 minutes earlier and do a quick body weight workout on your floor. Push ups , sit ups, lunges and planks. Bang it out in 15 min. hit the shower have breakfast and get on with your busy day and since diet is more important than training (90 % diet 10 % training) just make sure you eat healthy. Do this everyday without fail and you can still get in some vital exercise that will make you look and feel a lot better! Come on, you gotta have at least 15 minutes right?


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