We Got A Badass

It is often said that pride goeth before a fall. Being aware of this I cautiously proclaim that I completed a 100 mile bike ride the other day. I averaged 20 mph and I made stops along the way. So in the end it took me six hours. I drank 5 camel Back water bladders at 70 oz each. 1 gatorade, 1 protein shake, 8 eggs and 4 slices of toast,1 glass of OJ, continued to Ingest 12 Gu’s, 6 chicken breasts, a huge container of 4 bean salad, 3 raviolis (yes thats right i said raviolis) , a whole tomato , and 3 sweet potato . Then I went home and ate dinner which was london broil, salad and 2 Dog Head pumpkin ales.

I am more proud of what I ate than the fact that I rode my first century in about 6 years it seems.


2 thoughts on “We Got A Badass

  1. Congratulations on the Century ride! However, I would be puking all over the road if I ate that much on a Century ride! I do consume about 2,000 calories per ride, but mainly from gels and sports drinks.

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