Food & Money

Struggling to afford the price for healthy food?

Re-prioritize how you spend your money.

The constant struggle to be able to spend more money on food may ultimately come down to priorities. Do you have a nice car? A big home? An extensive cable TV package? What about a fancy coffee habit? Where are you spending your money that does not directly and positively impact your physical and emotional health that could be otherwise directed into it? Challenge yourself to look at your finances and see where you spend more than is really necessary, and perhaps a few dollars each week will reveal themselves as available for higher quality food.

Here are some  tips :

  1. Use local butcher ads to make your meal plan.
  2. Buy pantry items (like nut flours) in bulk to save.
  3. Bake items using more “exotic ingredients” (like above-mentioned nut flours) less often.
  4. Grow a garden.
  5. Farmers markets
  6. Shop at Costco,Sams Club Etc..
  7. Don’t throw leftovers away,eat them the next day.
  8. Roasted chicken = a few meals worth of meat, plus bones to make bone broth. All for around $12.
  9. Eat organic vegetables only from the list of The Dirty Dozen.
  10. Avoid convenience, pre-cut, and prepared foods.
  11. Don’t waste parts of vegetables: use stalks of broccoli to make slaw, tops of beets or carrots can be juiced or used in broths.
  12. Keep backyard chickens (If you live in the right area)
  13. Hunt your own meat. Or buy butchered venison from someone you know who hunts. I pay $2/lb for venison that is butchered.

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