How to have an impressive 6 pack.

Rectus abdominis muscle

Rectus abdominis muscle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1st part of having a six pack – Lower your body fat percentage ’till you can see your abs.

Go on a diet till your body fat hits around 10% and do not expect to get big because you can’t do both. You can’t get ripped and bulk at the same time.

If you’re not skinny, forget about having good abs. You can have the greatest abdominal musculature in the world, but if it’s covered with a layer of blubber, nobody will ever see it.

For abs that turn heads on the beach, you need to get your body fat percentage in the single digits. You should be able to feel every detail of the muscle under your skin. The skin on your abdomen should be stretched taut like a drum head.

This means you have to prioritize. You can’t bulk up by eating a surplus of calories, because the fat on your midsection will hide your rectus abdominis.

While it’s true that many high-level bodybuilders and fitness models are heavily muscled while also being ripped to shreds, what you have to understand is this:

  • Bodybuilders and heavily-muscled fitness models don’t look that way year-round. Those impressive pictures are taken after a radical diet. The other 11 months of the year, they’re big but they don’t look ripped.
  • Many heartthrobs or underwear models have impressive abdominals. But they are very small by bodybuilding standards. They focus on their abs, not on overall muscle mass.
  • Some people will never have impressive abs. Ectomorphs can easily get a ripped six-pack; other body types won’t have as easy a time of it.
  • Pro bodybuilders use drugs; that’s a simple fact. These guys get paid to look a certain way, and without drugs they can’t look huge and ripped. Even the so-called natural (drug free) bodybuilding (and powerlifting) contests feature many guys who at one point in their lives used drugs to aid their performance in the weight room or to aid their dieting.
  • World class IFBB bodybuilder Lee Priest looks much different in the off-season than he does when posing in a bodybuilding contest. Yes, that’s the same man in both pictures.

The pictures above show the “amazing transformation” that you can go through if you buy and use all the supplements that sponsor them. You have to do high volume training and have a specific diet blah blah blah…….

Supplements won’t do the trick guys. I have already gone on record that a lot of supplements do not work. What does work is eating right and training very, very hard. If a 6 pack is a must have then you need to put in the honest work. Lots of cardio and weight training. Lots of water and a calorie restrictive diet. The weight training is for calorie burn and for maintaining any muscle you have. If you notice that your shoulders and your chest are getting smaller and this bothers you more than not seeing your abs……then stop dieting and start eating to build up your mass. You can’t have your protein shake and eat it too. If your smaller muscles and the loss of ability to lift heavy do not bother you then keep going for as long as it takes. Do not expect to have ripped abs in 2 weeks. Work at it. Avoid cheat meals, avoid alcohol, avoid the temptation to eat that second helping of food,. When you get down to 12% body fat then maybe look for a supplement that can give you the extra 2% loss you need.

Thats it. Getting abs is really more about diet than anything else. Of course there are other ways to stay big and get ripped but that’s not what this website is about sorry.


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