Tuning Your Diet

On a journey of 10,000 steps you always have to take your 1st step. Obvious right? But with finding the right diet for most people it seems they want to skip the 1st step. Their are tons and tons of diets out there for a person to follow. People spend money on books or DVD’s thinking that they are unlocking a secret that has to be paid for. They expect to be ripped full of muscle and 9% body fat in 30 days , money back guarantee.

If you are pretty advanced at supplying the right nutrition to your body then perhaps one of these numerous diet books would aid you. You would be seeking to fine tune your diet; where as you have already spent months or even years eating a certain way and have had some success. But for people who are eating poorly and have not attempted to control their eating in any reasonable way, what good is a diet book going to do for them?

Before there was an internet I guess any basic book about dieting was needed to get a person going in the right direction. In today’s world a person can have a basic working knowledge of how and what to eat in 5 minutes just by doing a search on Google.

I have had people tell me that they have tried dieting but they get so hungry at night that they end up eating ice cram and cookies and big heaping plates of pasta . I tell them something that just doesn’t register. To them it doesn’t make sense….Everyone thinks that when they diet that they have to deprive themselves of food calories. They cut back dramatically and end up starved by the end of the day. I tell them to eat a lot of food and don’t go hungry. Eat a good breakfast! Have snacks, go friggin nuts!!

“But how will I lose weight”? Simple, by not eating shitty food and establish a consistent routine.

If you are overweight, by just eliminating garbage from your diet  you will look better and feel better very quickly and you will not starve. Stage 1 is just simply tuning your diet. You don’t need to be fine tuning this early. No books, no DVD’s, no nuthin! Stop with the sodas, even diet soda. You don’t need any of that. No cakes,ice creams or cookies. Instead of cheese fries with chili just take the chili. Snacks could be walnuts, protein shakes, watermelon, yogurt or peanut butter. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water. I see this one written a lot and everyone says it….drink water!! But I don’t think everybody really knows what that means. You should be drinking enough water that your pee is a very light straw color to clear. You should be going to the bathroom often.

After you have lost some weight and developed a good set of eating habits then you can take a look at ways to fine tune your diet and that is for another post at another time.


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