Ima seein a whole lotta Carrageenan

It’s like dodging bullets out here! Fighting the good fight isn’t easy but it must be done.


Cornucopia’s report, Carrageenan: How a “Natural” Food Additive is Making Us Sick, compiles scientific studies pointing to harm from consuming food-grade carrageenan.


Learn more about carrageenan.

If you suffered from gastrointestinal symptoms that improved or disappeared after cutting carrageenan from your diet, fill out a questionnaire to help us and medical researchers better understand the effects of carrageenan on public health.

Always check ingredient lists carefully, and note that ingredients are not required by law to be listed on alcoholic beverages, which may contain carrageenan. In fact, carrageenan is commonly used to clarify beer but is not listed on the label.

If you come across organic products and/or brands utilizing carrageenan that are not yet listed, please forward specific information to us by Please note that all brands listed with an asterisk (*) supply products both with and without carrageenan.

Organic Dairy

Buttermilk with Carrageenan Buttermilk without Carrageenan
(Organic buttermilk producers that used to add carrageenan have reformulated their products to be carrageenan-free)
  • Butterworks Farm
  • Clover Stornetta
  • Hawthorne Valley
  • Kalona Supernatural
  • Natural By Nature
  • Organic Valley
Chocolate Milk With Carrageenan Chocolate Milk without Carrageenan
  • Avalon Dairy
  • Clover Stornetta
  • Horizon
  • Kalona Supernatural (Kalona had committed to removing carrageenan by the end of 2012. As of February 2013, they have not. Check ingredients list)
  • Kirkland (Costco Brand)
  • Natural By Nature
  • Organic Valley
  • Publix
  • Castle Rock Organic Farms
  • Crystal Ball Farms
  • Equal Exchange Hot Chocolate (powdered)
  • Strafford Organic Creamery
  • Thomas Organic Creamery
  • Trickling Springs Creamery
Cottage Cheese with Carrageenan Cottage Cheese without Carrageenan
  • 365 Whole Foods (lowfat and fat free)
  • Avalon Dairy
  • Cabot Vermont Style
  • Clover Stornetta
  • Horizon (regular and lowfat)
  • Publix
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Kalona Supernatural (regular and lowfat)
  • Nancy’s
  • Organic Valley (regular and lowfat)
Cream with Carrageenan Cream without Carrageenan
  • Cabot
  • Clover Stornetta (whipped cream in a can)*
  • HEB’s Central Market Whipping Cream
  • Horizon
  • Natural by Nature (whipped cream in a can)*
  • Organic Valley (Ultra Pasteurized)*
  • Publix
  • Stonyfield (Ultra Pasteurized)
  • Butterworks Farm
  • Cedar Summit Farm
  • Clover Stornetta*
  • Kalona Supernatural
  • Natural By Nature (heavy cream)*
  • Organic Valley (Pasteurized only, not Ultra Pasteurized)*
  • Strauss Family Creamery
  • Trickling Springs Creamery
Eggnog with Carrageenan Eggnog without Carrageenan
  • Clover Stornetta
  • Horizon
  • Kalona Supernatural
  • Strauss Family Creamery
  • Organic Valley
Ice Cream with Carrageenan Ice Cream without Carrageenan
  • Julie’s (Mocha Java only – Julie’s is reformulating their only product containing carrageenan which will be carrageenan-free in the fall of 2013)*
  • Organic Meadow
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Alden’s
  • Ben and Jerry’s Organic
  • Castle Rock Organic Farms
  • Crystal Ball Farms
  • Green and Black’s Organic
  • Julie’s (all flavors except Mocha Java)*
  • Publix
  • Stonyfield
  • Strafford Organic Creamery
  • Strauss Family Creamery
  • Three Twins
Kefir with Carrageenan Kefir without Carrageenan
No organic kefir found with carrageenan – carrageenan is sometimes used in conventional kefir
  • Butterworks Farm
  • Cedar Summit (pourable yogurt)
  • Fresh Made
  • Helios
  • Lifeway
  • Nancy’s
  • Organic Pastures
  • Organic Valley (pourable yogurt)
Shelf-Stable Milk with Carrageenan (“milk boxes”) Shelf-Stable Milk without Carrageenan (“milk boxes”)
  • Horizon (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors)*
  • Organic Valley (chocolate flavored)*
  • President’s Choice
  • Horizon (lowfat)*
  • Organic Valley (regular, lowfat, strawberry flavored, vanilla)*
Sour Cream with Carrageenan Sour Cream without Carrageenan
  • Avalon Dairy
  • Horizon (lowfat)*
  • Natural By Nature
  • Publix
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Clover Stornetta
  • Horizon (regular only)*
  • Kalona Supernatural
  • Organic Valley (regular and lowfat)
  • Nancy’s
  • Strauss Family Creamery
  • Wallaby Organic
Yogurt with Carrageenan Yogurt without Carrageenan
  • Horizon (Tuberz™)*
  • Publix
  • Stonyfield (Oikos – caramel flavor only, Squeezers – all flavors)*
  • Trader Joe’s (Squishers™ and organic yogurt cups in 6-pack)
  • Yami Organic
  • Butterworks
  • Cedar Summit (pourable)
  • Crystal Balls Farm
  • Hails Family Farm
  • Hawthorne Valley Farm
  • Horizon (all except Tuberz™)*
  • Kalona Supernatural
  • Maple Hill Creamery
  • Nancy’s
  • Organic Valley (pourable)
  • Redwood Hill Farms
  • Seven Stars
  • Stonyfield (all except caramel Oikos and Squeezers)*
  • Straus Family Creamery
  • Thomas Organic Creamery
  • Wallaby Organic

Dairy Alternative – many of these popular brands are “natural” (conventional) and therefore not organic

Almond Milk with Carrageenan Almond Milk without Carrageenan
  • Almond Breeze (Blue Diamond)
  • Almond Dream (original, unsweetened, vanilla, and unsweetened vanilla)
  • Central Market / HEB (organic original and vanilla)
  • Earth’s Own Almond Fresh
  • Engine 2 Plant-Strong (unsweetened and unsweetened vanilla)
  • Natur-a
  • Pacific Foods
  • President’s Choice
  • So Delicious
  • Trader Joe’s (aseptic)*
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Natura (8 flavors)
  • OMilk NYC
  • Silk PureAlmond (including chocolate-flavored)
  • Simple Truth (Kroger)
  • Trader Joe’s (refrigerated)*
  • Tree of Life (original, unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate)
  • Westsoy
Cheese Alternative with Carrageenan Cheese Alternative without Carrageenan
  • Go Veggie Foods – dairy-free (sliced and block cheese)*
  • Go Veggie Foods – lactose-free (sliced, block and shredded cheese)*
  • Go Veggie Foods – rice lactose-free (sliced, block and shredded cheese)*
  • Lisanatti Foods – The Original Almond
  • Lisanatti Foods – SoySation
  • Lisanatti Foods – Vegan Cheese
  • Soy Kaas (vegan block cheese, fat-free block cheese, white cheddar slices and American cheese slices)
  • Sunergia Soyfoods – SoyFeta and Soy Bleu Cheese
  • Trader Joe’s (except mozzarella-style shreds)*
  • Vegan Gourmet / Follow Your Heart (mozzarella, monterey jack, sour cream, nacho, vegan block cheese)*
  • Go Veggie Foods – dairy-free (cream cheese, shredded cheese and grated parmesan)*
  • Go Veggie Foods – lactose-free (grated parmesan)*
  • Soy Kaas (regular block cheese and grated parmesan–see listing with carrageenan for more information)
  • Trader Joe’s Mozzarella-Style Shreds*
  • Vegan Gourmet / Follow Your Heart (vegan cream cheese)*
Chocolate Soymilk with Carrageenan Chocolate Soymilk without Carrageenan
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Eden Foods (Eden Foods has committed to removing carrageenan from all its products. Check ingredients list)
  • Good Karma
  • Organic Valley
  • Nature’s Promise
  • Silk*
  • Soy Dream*
  • Soy Slender
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Westsoy
  • Tofu Shop
  • Silk (in single-serve, shelf-stable packaging)*
  • Soy Dream (enriched chocolate)*
Coconut Milk/Water with Carrageenan Coconut Milk/Water without Carrageenan
  • Almond Breeze Coconut Blend (Blue Diamond)
  • Coconut Dream
  • Lakewood (juice)
  • Silk Pure Coconut
  • So Delicious (coconut milk and cultured coconut milk)
  • Trader Joe’s (original and vanilla)
  • Zico (chocolate flavored)
  • Amy and Brian (juice)
  • Blue Monkey
  • Cadia
  • Coco Libre
  • Harmless Harvest Organic 100% Raw
  • Knudsen’s (coconut nectar)
  • Naked Juice (coconut water)
  • Native Forest
  • Roland Coconut
  • Thai Kitchen
  • Tropical Traditions (cream)
  • Yoga Earth Purity (powder beverage)
Coffee Creamer with Carrageenan Coffee Creamer without Carrageenan
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Silk
  • So Delicious Origianl Coconut Milk
  • So Nice
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Wildwood
  • Organic Valley
Flax Milk with Carrageenan Flax Milk without Carrageenan
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Good Karma (original, unsweetened and vanilla)*
  • Good Karma (protein +)*
Frozen Dessert (non-dairy) with Carrageenan Frozen Dessert (non-dairy) without Carrageenan
  • Almond Dream
  • Good Karma
  • Purely Decadent
  • Rice Dream
  • So Delicious soy desserts, except mango, PB swirl and cherry amaretto (reformulating soy products to remove carrageenan, expected by end of 2013) and coconut milk desserts with no sugar added*
  • Soy Dream
  • Tempt (Living Harvest)
  • Tofutti
  • Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy™
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Coconut Bliss
  • Coconut Secret Raw Cocunut Cream
  • Julie’s
  • Lifeway
  • Luna and Larry’s
  • Nadamoo
  • Natural Choice Fruit Bars
  • Organic Nectars
  • Sambazon
  • So Delicious coconut milk and almond milk desserts (except no sugar added flavors)*
Hazelnut Milk with Carrageenan Hazelnut Milk without Carrageenan
  • Pacific Foods
  • At this time, we are unable to find any hazelnut milk without carrageenan.
Hemp Milk with Carrageenan Hemp Milk without Carrageenan
  • Tempt (Living Harvest)
  • Pacific Foods (unsweetened original, unsweetened vanilla and chocolate)*
  •  Pacific Foods (original and vanilla)*
Oat Milk with Carrageenan Oat Milk without Carrageenan
  • Simpli Oat Shakes (chocolate and coffee flavors only)*
  • Pacific Foods (original and vanilla)
  • Simpli*
Rice Milk with Carrageenan Rice Milk without Carrageenan
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Good Karma
  • Pacific Foods
  • Rice Dream (Unsweetened)*
  • Ryza
  • Westsoy
  • B.R.A.T. (all flavors)
  • Kirkland Signature
  • Nature’s Promise
  • Rice Dream (Original)*
  • Trader Joe’s
Soymilk with Carrageenan Soymilk without Carrageenan
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • 8th Continent
  • Archer Farms
  • Cadia
  • Earth Balance
  • Fit & Active – Aldi Foods
  • Full Circle
  • Great Value (Walmart)
  • Harris Teeter
  • Kikkoman
  • Kirkland Signature
  • Nature’s Place
  • Nature’s Promise
  • O Organics – Safeway (refrigerated original and vanilla)
  • Organic Valley
  • Pearl Soymilk (Kikkoman)
  • Pacific Foods (all natural Select original and vanilla, all natural Ultra original and vanilla)*
  • Pathmark
  • President’s Choice (3 flavors)
  • Publix
  • ShopRite
  • Silk
  • Simple Truth (Kroger)
  • So Nice (all flavors except Natural)*
  • Soy Dream (enriched vanilla and enriched original)*
  • Soy Dream – Refrigerated (enriched vanilla and enriched original)*
  • Soy Slender
  • Sunrich
  • Sunrise Soya (light fortified sweetened)*
  • TJ’s
  • Trader Joe’s (except unsweetened in aseptic package)*
  • Vermont Soy
  • Vitasoy
  • Wegman’s
  • Westsoy (Organic Plus, Nonfat)*
  • Wild Harvest
  • Wildwood
  • ZenSoy
  • Country Cream (powdered)
  • Eden Soy (EdenSoy contains no carrageenan except for chocolate-flavored EdenSoy. Eden is in the process of reformulating its chocolate soy milk.)
  • Pacific Foods (organic unsweetened original)*
  • So Nice (Natural flavor only)*
  • Soy Dream (classic vanilla and enriched chocolate)*
  • Soy Dream – Refrigerated (classical original)*
  • Sunrise Soya (all except light fortified sweetened)*
  • Tofu Shop
  • Trader Joe’s Unsweetened in aseptic package (refrigerated does contain carrageenan)*
  • Twin Oaks
  • Westsoy (original, unsweetened, lowfat)*
Soynog with Carrageenan Soynog without Carrageenan
  • Bolthouse Farms
  • Earth Balance
  • Chai Nog (Oregon Chai
  • Silk
  • VitaSoy Holly Nog
  • At this time, we are unable to find any soynog without carrageenan.
Soy Yogurt with Carrageenan Soy Yogurt without Carrageenan
No organic soy yogurt found with carrageenan
  • O’Soy (Stonyfield Organic)
  • Silk
  • Simply Soy
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Soy & Co.
  • Wildwood
Sunflower Milk with Carrageenan Sunflower Milk without Carrageenan
  • Sunrich Naturals
  • Sunsational
  • Sol
  • Sunflower Dream
  • At this time, we are unable to find any sunflower milk without carrageenan.

Organic Nutritional Drinks & Supplements

Nutritional Drinks with Carrageenan Nutritional Drinks without Carrageenan
  • 365 Everyday Value Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel (Whole Foods)
  • Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood
  • GNC Natural Brand Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel
  • Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera
  • Orgain
  • Sambazon (Energy Mocha Java, Protein Chocolate, Protein Vanilla, Protein Chocolate + Almond + Coconut Milk)*
  • Aloe Farms Aloe Vera Juice and Gel
  • Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera
  • B.R.A.T
  • NOW Aloe Vera Gel
  • PediaSmart
  • Sambazon (Acai, Acai Berry + Yerba Mate + Guarana, Supergreens Kale + Ginger, Blended Breakfast, Amazon Energy)*
  • Svelte

Organic Deli Meat

Deli Meat with Carrageenan Deli Meat without Carrageenan
  • Applegate (Packaged and Sliced: Roasted Chicken, Turkey Breast, Roasted Turkey Breast, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Turkey Breast)*
  • Applegate (Roast Beef, Genoa Salami, Uncured Ham)*
  • Organic Prairie

Organic Dips

Dips with Carrageenan Dips without Carrageenan
  • Natural By Nature (French Onion Dip)
  • Marzetti’s Organic Ranch Veggie Dip
  • Simply Organic Dip Mixes

Organic Juice

Juice with Carrageenan Juice without Carrageenan
  • Lakewood (Acai Amazon Berry and Coconut)*
  • Apple and Eve
  • Columbia Gorge
  • Honest Kids
  • Knudsen’s (all flavors except Yumberry)
  • Lakewood (all flavors except Acai Amazon Berry and Coconut)*
  • Organic Valley
  • Publix
  • Santa Cruz
  • Uncle Matt’s

Organic Prepared Foods

Pizza with Carrageenan Pizza without Carrageenan
  • Annie’s Organic Frozen Pizza*
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Amy’s (70% organic)*
  • Nature’s Promise
  • Publix
  • Rising Moon Organics (70% organic)
  • Trader Joe’s

AVOID: Conventional/“Natural” Foods with Carrageenan

Below is a partial list of conventional products containing carrageenan. This list is not comprehensive, but provides examples of categories of foods where you may not expect to find carrageenan, like nutrition bars (Balance Bars), chocolate bars (Enjoy Life), and chicken strips (Butterball and Hormel).

Always check ingredients lists carefully when purchasing foods – some of the brands listed below carry products with and without carrageenan (for example, Kraft Philadelphia fat free cream cheese contains carrageenan, whereas Kraft Philadelphia regular cream cheese is carrageenan-free).

Chocolate/Candy Bars

  • Enjoy Life ChocoBoom™ Ricemilk and Ricemilk Crunch
  • PayDay Bar

Chocolate Milk/Powder

  • Carnation Breakfast Essentials
  • Garelick TruMoo™
  • Hood Simply Smart
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Nestle Nesquik
  • Ovaltine
  • Stop ‘n Shop

Coffee Creamer and Half and Half

  • Friendly Farms
  • Great Value (Walmart)
  • Hood Fat Free
  • International Delight
  • Nestle Coffeemate (Only “Natural Bliss” full fat  flavors are carrageenan-free)
  • So Delicious Coconut Milk

Coffee Beverages

  • Caribou (iced cofee in the can)
  • Starbucks drinks with soymilk

Conventional Nutrition Drinks

  • Bolthouse Farms Protein PLUS
  • Carnation Breakfast Essentials
  • Ensure
  • Nestle Boost
  • Pure Protein Shake
  • Slim Fast

Dairy (cottage cheese, sour cream, ricotta cheese, yogurt, etc.)

  • Darigold
  • Dragone (ricotta cheese)
  • Friendship (non-fat cottage cheese)
  • Garelick (cream)
  • Great Value (Walmart)
  • Happy Farms (Aldi Foods)
  • Kemps (sour cream and cottage cheese)
  • Kraft (cottage cheeses and Philadelphis fat free cream cheese)
  • Land O’ Lakes (aerosol whipped cream, sour cream and cottage cheese)
  • Mid-America Farms
  • Old Home Foods (sour cream)
  • Pathmark (skim supreme)
  • Reddi-Wip
  • Shamrock Farms (cottage cheese and skim plus)
  • Starbucks (yogurt)
  • Trader Joe’s (shelf-stable whipping cream)
  • Westby (sour cream, yogurt, etc.)

Dairy Alternatives

  • FlaxUSA Flaxmilk (all flavors – available at Walmart)
  • So Delicious Milk
  • So Delicious Almond Yogurt
  • Soy Dream frozen desserts
  • Starbucks (soymilk)
  • Tofutti (all products)

Dairy-Free Cheese, Dips and Spreads

  • Butte Island Foods (cheese alternative – spreadable all flavors)
  • Deans
  • Marzetti’s Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dips (all flavors)
  • Marzetti’s Veggie Dips (all flavors)
  • Shullsburg Creamery


  • Fresh & Easy Pudding
  • Kozy Shack
  • Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt
  • Yoplait Frozen Greek Yogurt

Dressings (Salad)

  • Bolthouse Farms Yogurt

Ice Cream

  • Ben and Jerry’s
  • Blue Bunny
  • Breyer’s
  • Chapman’s
  • Coldstone Creamery
  • Dairy Queen
  • Edy’s
  • Friendly’s
  • Hood
  • Kemp’s
  • LaLoo’s goat milk ice cream
  • Purple Door Ice Cream
  • Sassy Cow Creamery
  • Snickers Ice Cream Bars
  • Turkey Hill (Premium flavors only)

Iced Coffee

  • International Delight

Infant Formula

Currently all ready-to-drink (liquid) infant formula, except Gerber Good Start, contains carrageenan. Avoid carrageenan in infant formula by buying organic powdered formula.


  • Butterball (chicken breast strips)
  • Hormel (Natural Choice carved chicken breast and smoked turkey)
  • Kroger (raw chicken)
  • Oscar Meyer (Deli-Fresh)
  • Oscar Meyer (Selects – turkey breast slow roasted)

Nutrition Bars

  • Balance Bars

Nutritional Supplements

  • Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

Prepared Foods

  • Campbell’s (100% Natural Creamy Gouda Bisque)
  • Gerber Graduates kids’ meals (ravioli)
  • Healthy Choice
  • Rosetto Ravioli

Whipping Cream

  • Great Value (Walmart)
  • Sinton’s

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