I’m Bulking

Us guys like to say this . ” Lets eat big  cause I’m bulking”. Men want to grow muscle and be as big and strong as they can. Women do too. But they are never bulking. Guys are eating six big meals a day and training hard. A little bit of fat, a little bit of muscle, a little more fat, not so much more muscle.

Women who are interested in developing muscle and getting bigger also know that they need to eat. But they aren’t going to add 10 pounds of fat to their stomachs to get there.

But lets face it. If a man could eat bulk and keep a six pack they would. But you can’t do that. You either bulk or you cut. You can’t do both. It just so happens that the stomach area is mens problem area. Overeating will lay some fat in that zone and when you are bulking you tend to overeat.

The trouble area for women is their hips thighs and glute area. These are just the places where nature wants to deposit fat.

I never cut. Or in other words go on a diet. During the winter I will tend to eat more and a little more dirty. During the holidays I will drink a few extra seasonal brews too. But as soon as February rolls around I start eating cleaner. The cleaner I eat the more I have to eat to keep the calories up high. Dirty bulking involves lower quality but high calories so when transitioning to grilled chicken and steamed veggies 3 meals a day I am losing calories so I have to double my chicken intake. Basically dirty bulking is easier because you don’t have to be as on top of your diet. If I miss a meal it’s probably not going to matter. But during the spring and summer  I have to be more vigilant.

I eat, therefore I am.


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