Fear is like a mirage

This is an excerpt from a post on Ireland Strength & Conditioning    called “3 important steps to eliminate a fearful mindset”. The post covers some very interesting stuff on dealing with fear in the sports world. It is a good read and I encourage everyone to go and read it.

What I took out of it is something more than its application in the sports realm but its application in my work as a firefighter and actually anything we do in life. Here is the excerpt;

Step 1 – Fear Is Just an Illusion

The first question you have to ask yourself is what is fear anyways? Fear is your perception of future events or outcomes that you may not want to happen. In sport, you may:

  1. Fear letting your team and management down
  2. Fear making mistakes
  3. Fear of being embarrassed in front of spectators
  4. Fear not winning the approval of your teammates
  5. Fear of being rejected by others
  6. Fear that you may be seen as a failure in your given sport

The list goes on and on. All these fears are not within your immediate control. They are all perceptions and part of your faulty thinking pattern. They are all “what if” scenarios. When you are thinking like this your focus is way off the radar.  What you need to do is take control of what you can control or what we call “controlling the controllables.”

Start evaluating and identifying what the cause of your fear is in the first place. You will soon find out that you are wasting positive energy on circumstances that you have no control over. What you need to do is focus on what you want out of your performance rather than what you do not want to happen. Your focus needs to be on the present moment and that is all you can control.

Michael Jordan, one of the worlds greatest ever basketball players once said, “Fear is like a mirage, it doesn’t really exist.”

Read more of this post at http://irelandstrengthandconditioning.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/3-important-steps-to-eliminate-a-fearful-mindset/

So like a said, this is some really helpful stuff that I am sure anyone can get something useful out of.


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