Winter Cycling: How To Keep Your Hands Warm

Cycling in freezing temperatures requires the need for preparation and technology if you want to be able to ride without freezing. With the right gear you can join the ranks of the hardcore who see any day as a good riding day!
Fred (LHXC)

All Seasons Cyclist

Note: This is the fifth installment in a series of articles on winter cycling. I hope to have the entire series finished by November and then publish it as a free PDF book that you can download from this website (the working title is, “A Guide To Winter Cycling”).

One of the hardest pieces of winter gear to find is the right pair of cycling gloves. Some cyclists try to use gloves that were designed for hunting or skiing, but most of the time they are disappointed—those gloves are insulated to keep your hands warm, but they are usually not windproof and as soon as your hands start to sweat the inside of the gloves turns to ice. I own more than twenty pair of full finger cycling gloves and in this article I want to highlight my favorite gloves for fall and winter cycling. I have included the…

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