2000 Calorie a day diet

Here is a meal plan laid out for ya. I put this together quickly for a friend of mine who was frustrated with her weight. I sat down with her and we looked up foods and she picked out what she liked and it was easy enough. We figure that she needs about 2000 calories a day to lose weight in the most healthy manner possible.

If you need more calories than 2000 a day you can tweak what we have here. If I’m bulking I would simply double what you see here.

The same food every day you say? Sure why not! Keeps things as simple as can be. Especially if you’re as busy as my friend is. One of her problems was that she doesn’t have time to shop for food and then take it home and prepare it. Because of this she would eat out often, catching a bite on the go. Although she would only eat at healthier place she was unable to accurately determine her calorie intake.

Counting calories is a pain in the ass and that’s why most of us don’t do it. We talked and she was not ready for that. So I asked her what her goal was. She said she wanted to lose 10 pounds. So I told her to focus on that and not to worry about the variety of food initially.

So here’s the plan. She goes to the store and buys what she needs for the week. Things like chicken she can buy extra and freeze and water can be stored up. So all she has to do is go back once a week for her veggies. Steamed veggies are the best way to go if your on a time crunch. They are the perfect “fire and forget” way of cooking. Just don’t forget too long cause they will turn to mush. But while they are steaming away you can do something else like cook your chicken and maybe one load of wash, chores gotta get done right!

I told her to start incorporating new items into the menu asap or at least as soon as she has had time to think about it. She can swap chicken for salmon or steak or tofu. Swapping out veggies is easy enough, Kale for spinach or make a nice salad.

Here’s the not so great news about this diet. It is very dependent on getting half the calories from the 3 protein shakes you see in the list. Normally you don’t want to rely so heavily on protein shakes for that large a portion of your daily diet. Powdered protein shakes are inferior to real food. But this is what my friend wanted for now. She is too busy to do anything else, such is the reality of living in this crazy world where we run ourselves so ragged that we don;t have time to eat!  She is doing the hardcore thing and facing this reality with positivity and a plan!

I just wanted to share this with my readers to show that no matter what you can always make something work your way even if it’s not optimal. It’s a good start that you want, one that you can always improve on and build off of.


1 Cup steamed Broccoli
1 Cup steamed Kale
1/2 Cup blueberries
1TB pomegranate concentrated
4 cups green tea with stevia
12oz chicken breast grilled 1TB olive oil
2 Whey protein shakes
1 greek yogurt Plain
1 shake with 3TB of flaxseed
Lots of water
Good Multi vitamin
If you are watching your cholesterol then
Red Rice Yeast for cholesterol
Vitamin D (most of us are deficient, have your Dr. check it out for you)

Comes out to about 2050 Calories


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