Firemans Carry, A Military Exercise

I did a post a while ago about the mechanics of the firemans carry and the need for proper fitness in order to execute it. One detail that I left out in that post was that the firemans carry despite its name is really unpractical to do on the fireground. The reason why is because a firefighter wears their air tank on their back and it would get in the way. More importantly you never want to raise to your feet and bring a victim closer to the superheated gases that are above. Firefighting is done crawling around and carrying a victim is done as low as possible.

But the firemans carry is a very useful carry when on the battlefield and a solder needs to be able to lift and carry a full grown man who is possibly heavier than they are while also carrying their weapon and gear. They need to be able to go for some distance and have sure footing along the way while all along they are sizing up the area around them and looking for danger…….. that’s a lot! But the trooper would have to get rid of his backpack because that would hinder the carry and of course as long as bullets aren’t flying around.

When approaching a working fire I witnessed a new firefighter being handed a civilian woman from a first floor window. The new guy was wide eyed as the woman slid into his arms. His captain shouted to quickly bring the woman to EMS who was staged across the street. He carried her in his arms like a baby. He would never have been able to get her body onto his back because of the tank. That’s just the way it is.


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