3800 Calorie Diet for bulking.

This is a diet plan where you separate your carbs from your fats. The theory behind doing this is to train or trick your body into burning fat for energy. The idea is that if you eat fats and carbs together your body will burn the carbs and store the fat.  Some people swear by this method and other like myself have had mixed results.

This diet plan was customized for a 19 yr old male with a Basil Metabolic Rate that calls for 3267 Calories per day just to maintain current weight.  The best approach is to adjust your calories in 200 calorie increments depending on your goal (weight loss or weight gain) this guy is young and can afford to bulk faster so he chose to go with a 500 calorie surplus.

To find your BMR you can use this handy calculator http://www.muscleandstrength.com/tools/bmr-and-daily-calorie-calculator.html

19 Years Old/5 ft 9 “/194 lb
BMR (66+1205+900-129)= 2042x 1.6 = 3267cal for maintenance +500 for gain = 3800 cals
1 cal = 4.2kj
1g Carb = 4cal/16kj
1g Pro = 4cal/17kj
1g Fat = 9cal/37kj
100gm Chicken = 25g Protein
100gm Beef = 30g Protein
1 Avocado = 30g Fat (200gm size)
1 cup Oats = 100g Carb
1 cup Rice (Cooked) = 45g Carb
1 Egg White = 4g Protein (8 = 32g)
1 Scoop WPI = 25g Protein

Meal 1: Pro/Carb  6:30am
8 Egg Whites/2 Yolks, 1 cup oatmeal ***8211; (Banana on way to work)
35g Pro, 100g Carbs, 4g Fat

Meal 2: Pro/Fat  9:30am
200g Chicken Breast, Whole Avocado
50g Protein, 30g Fat

Meal 3: Pro/Carb 12:00am
200g Chicken Breast, 1 and a half cup Brown Rice, Veggies (Carrot/Broco)
50g Protein, 70g Carb

Meal 4: Pro/Carb 4:00pm (PRE WORKOUT MEAL)
2 Cans of Tuna, 1 cups oatmeal OR 2 cups brown rice + 5g Creatine (More carbs ok)
30g Protein, 100g Carb

Workout (5:00pm to 6:00pm)

Meal 5: PWO Nutrition 6:00pm
2 Scoops Whey Protein / 50g of Dextrose
50g Protein, 50g Carb

Meal 6: PPWO 7:00pm
200gm Steak (pref lean), 1 cup Brown Rice
60g Protein, 45g carbs

Meal 7: Pro/Fat 8:30pm
200gm of Steak/Chicken or 8 Eggs, 2 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter OR Avocado
60/50/30g Protein, 30g fat

Meal 8: Pro/Fat (Before Bed) 10:00pm
2 Scoops of Whey Protein, 2 tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter OR Avocado
50g Protein, 30g fat

That turns into approximately 385 grams protein, 365 grams Carbs, and 95 grams of fat. This is roughly 3855 calories which is 500 above caloric surplus.

This is a pretty good plan here and only needs to be tweaked slightly. My advice was to lower his protein to 280 and up his carbs to 420.. and add fats to make up for the rest.


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