Faloo’s Fantastic Chicken

This one is good if you are cooking for others as well.

What you need:

1 young chicken
1 stick of Kerry Gold unsalted butter or clarified butter (ghee)
some fresh thyme
lemon zest (shaved lemon peel)
Prosciutto (3 slices chopped into small bits) (you can leave this out for extra health measures)

Mix the butter, thyme, lemon zest and Prosciutto together until well blended.

Salt and pepper the chicken

Now scoop the butter miz and shove it under the skin of the bird. Basically just smear the miz all over it. Shove some inside as well. Place leftover lemon into the chicken as well.

Put in roasting pan and cook for 60-65minutes @400 uncovered….test the chicken and make sure it is done.

The skin tastes insane when it gets crispy and the meat is juicy ans hell.

Very low carbs and tastes great!


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